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Friday, 14 February 2014

Siblings- February

I had hoped to do a colourful, sunny outdoors Siblings Portrait this month but with the weather I had to opt for an indoor one.  

I have been lucky and taken many photos of all four kids together this month, some even outdoors, but they're normally so layered up in raincoats, hats, scarves and gloves, they could be anyone's kids!  So, I thought, for Siblings, we'd better go indoors!

I'm lucky that although they all like their own time, they also love to play together.  Izzy loves her older siblings reading to her, helping her with craft and jigsaws and playing her games with her.  

These photos were taken on Izzy's play blanket, Rebecca read "We're going on a bear hunt" as Izzy has been enjoying this in Playgroup this week.  She likes to get her "Baba" and her teddy out when we read it, so her teddy can be "the bear".

Danny was reading them one of his heart books, from the British Heart Foundation, which helps his younger siblings understand what is wrong with him and what happens to him on his many hospital visits.

As much as he is the big brother looking after his younger sisters, they all look out for him and let us know if he looks tired, pale or blue.  Izzy even checks that he has taken his medicine before he leaves for school every morning.  She points tp where we keep them and shouts "Danny, medicine?" if he ignores her, she will tap him until she gets a reply.

Join in with the Siblings Linky below.  If you joined in and leave a comment, feel free to leave your link as I love to see them all.  

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  1. I have no siblings
    Great blog post beautiful family

  2. That is the only thing not so good about this Linky, not everyone can join in. There are definite advantages to having a smaller family too. :-) Thanks for the comment. xxx


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