St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids

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, St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids

Between Christmas and New Year, we took a Sunday Drive to St Non’s.  St Non’s is named as such, because it is believed to be the very place where St Non gave birth to St Davids, the Patron Saint of Wales.  St Non’s Day falls on March 2nd, the day after St David’s Day.

, St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids

The earliest record of a Chapel being here is from 1335.  This Pillar Stone with cross, which now rests against the old chapel ruins, is said to be dateable to the 7th to 9th Century.  CADW now look after St Non’s.

, St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids

The Chapel is situated in a lovely spot overlooking St Non’s Bay.  We didn’t walk down to the bay as it was too windy to walk down with young children.

, St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids

From the old Chapel, you can see the new Chapel and St Non’s Retreat.  

, St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids

I like the design on this gate leading to the new St Non’s Chapel.

, St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids

We warmed up inside the Chapel and lit a candle each.

, St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids

It was nice to see this Nativity Scene.  I don’t think we’ve ever visited St Non’s at this time of year before.  It makes it extra special.  

, St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids

As I walked away from the new chapel to take a photo of it, Caitlyn was sat on the bench, which would have made a lovely photo.  By the time I turned around, she had ran behind the Chapel again out of sight.  You have to be quick to get photos of kids!

, St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids

This was as close as we got to the sea on this cold, windy day!  We will re-visit when the weather has calmed down and take photos of the Coastal Path and pretty bay.

, St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids

Ribbons were tied onto the trees.

, St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids

This is St Non’s Holy Well.  It is thought to be healing water.  Some people throw money in and make a wish.

, St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids

Christians still leave flowers and gifts on St Non’s Shrine, usually on March 2nd, but throughout the year if on a Pilgrimage or visit.

We stopped at New Gale Beach on the way home. We didn’t last there long as the wind was so strong and bitterly cold.  The tide was in as well, so we only walked along the pebbles and watched the Kite Surfers.

Days later and due to the storms and high tides, the road by Newgale has disappeared and with the road closed, this route is not possible.  I’m glad we went when we did and hope all the damage gets repaired as soon as possible.  

We’ve found with being back to school we have to make the most of any time outside we get between school and clubs, whether that be the school run or a little stop and play somewhere.  

Term-time definitely makes you appreciate the Weekends!

We have #Citykids tomorrow as we’re watching the panto in Swansea, so I’m hoping for a lovely #CountryKids adventure on Sunday!  

, St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids

, St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids


  1. , St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids
    Sara Murray
    January 11, 2014 / 12:41 am

    What a lovely place, so much history. I'd love to see photos of it on a sunny day, although there is something very atmospheric about those skies. #CountryKids

  2. , St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids
    Susan Hetherington
    January 11, 2014 / 1:42 am

    The photo of warming up by the candle is special

  3. , St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids
    Kriss MacDonald
    January 11, 2014 / 4:33 am

    There's something so desolate but breathtakingly beautiful about St Non's. I haven't been there but that's my impression from your lovely post. #countrykids

  4. , St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids
    Coombe Mill
    January 11, 2014 / 10:20 am

    What an interesting place to visit, full of history with plenty to see in a beautiful area – I'm sure the views were breathtaking and the winter wind refreshing! Thanks for linking up and sharing your outdoor visit with Country Kids.

  5. , St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids
    Kate Fever
    January 11, 2014 / 3:52 pm

    What gorgeous views. Looks like a lovely place to visit.

  6. , St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids
    sabrina montagnoli
    January 12, 2014 / 11:12 pm

    A lovely historical place to visit! #countrykids

  7. , St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids
    Sonia Constant
    January 13, 2014 / 3:34 pm

    WOW 1335 sounds like an awfully long time ago.The photos look great, gorgeous views. 🙂 If only I lived closer to fab places like this!!

  8. , St Non’s, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids
    January 14, 2014 / 9:30 am

    Pembrokeshire is such a beautiful art of Wales – one of my favourites. Stunning photos and when I next go back, I will definitely be paying a visit #countrykids

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