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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Years Eve Goals and Resolutions

New Years Eve

It's New Years Eve.

I feel nervous, partly as I'm worried for lots of people who I know are going to find tonight difficult and partly because I always feel this way on New Years Eve.

However, once we've got New Years Eve out of the way, drank lots of bubbly and pulled the party poppers, I can look forward to a New Year.  This part I do enjoy, just as I love to start a new, clean page in a notebook.

Last Year

Last year, I shared my goals for the New Year with you and Tots100:

"My first resolution is to get myself and the mini Evans-Crittens all outside more whatever the weather; we’ve been inside for most of Christmas and I’m craving fresh air! 

Blogging-wise, I resolve to come clean about my ‘secret blogging habit’ to friends and family, and set up a Facebook page for my blog."

Wow!  I love setting myself achievable goals...for the first time I have actually managed to achieve them!

Family wise, we have definitely made the most of our time outdoors and had lots of fun adventures.

With regards to Blogging, I have set up a Facebook Page and lots of people now know that I blog.  

The New Year

So, looking forward to 2014, what do I hope it will bring?

The same things that everyone wants at the end of the day- health and happiness for all my friends and family.

Goals and Resolutions

  • My personal goals for 2014 are to spend more time and money on the house and garden.  I'm unsure as yet whether to set up a new home blog to write about each project or just to include them on this blog- let me know which you'd prefer to see.
  • Health wise:  Get my running shoes on!  I haven't been running since our last bout of illness.  Now I feel better, I'm currently "resting" a sore leg.  Unfortunately, after being "too merry" at Dave's works do, I fell down steps spectacularly and have badly sprained them. My aim of the night was to not embarrass myself!  Hmm.

I have a reason to train with joining in the Team Honk relay from Lands End to John O' Groats which will be starting VERY soon!

  • Blogging wise my only goal is to "keep blogging" and attending as many events as I can!  I've learnt there are no rules (apart from the legal ones!), everyone blogs differently and people like to write about different things, the important thing is to keep doing it- it's good for the soul!  Bring on Cybher, Britmums and Blogfest 2014!  I hope there are some Tots100 BlogCamps to attend too as I loved the Bristol one!
Have a lovely safe New Years Eve everyone!  Don't go drinking too much and falling down steps, you wouldn't do anything as stupid as that now, would you?!

Wishing you all the best for the New Year!

With love and best wishes,

& the Evans-Crittens


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  1. Oooh that leg looks sore! Poor you. Great to hear you achieved your goals though, big pat on the back! I'm with you on the 'keep blogging', that's definitely something I've enjoyed loads this year. See you in 2014! x


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