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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Being Grateful for Outdoor Fun #CountryKids

Last Friday, I knew that my Country Kids post would be a few hours late due to Children In  Need.  I didn't however, expect it to be a whole WEEK late.

Once Children in Need ended and we carried all the sleeping kids upstairs, Izzy started being sick.  I'd hoped that it was caused by the popcorn, sweeties, dancing and jumping up and down excitedly to all the wonderful entertainment that Children in Need once again bought to our screens.

As my own stomach began to turn while I cleared the vomit up (sorry!), I realised with a heavy heart that this was not the case.  

I always teach my children to share and they are particularly generous with bugs and colds, so one by one we were all taken over by this Winter Sickness Flu (all except Caitlyn!).

So all weekend and a few days into the week, we have been confined to the house, too weak to leave our beds or sofa.  I couldn't even find the energy to blog.  

We had to let down so many people and missed: Gymnastics, Swimming, Cubs Hockey Match, Collecting money for Pembrokeshire Special Needs Gym, Brownies, birthday parties and a family day out of any kind.  

This confinement made me appreciate our usually busy, outdoors lifestyle and also the fact that I choose to record it here on the blog, rather than take it for granted.  

Here are a few pictures from a short visit to the park before we became poorly:

They were only taken at our local park and we only popped there for an hour after school, but they remind me how amazing it is to be out in the fresh air, to admire the blue sky, to run around with my girls (Danny was playing with his friends the skate park side), to scooter them round the roundabout until I'm so out of breath and dizzy that I need to sit down again, to try to balance across the rope walk until I collapse with laughter and resort to crawling along again, to climb, hop and jump and swing.  

So now we have returned the the land of the living again, but I'm not on the ball yet...I've been forgetting spare hats and gloves (it is officially *FREEZING* temperature on times at the moment) and water bottles and all the things that are usually second nature for me to pack...but I'm getting there!

I'm looking forward to reading (and writing) lots of frosty, snowy #CountryKids posts soon!  I hope everyone else is staying well and enjoying Winter adventures!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Oh no sorry to hear that the bugs have been to visit. Looks like you had a nice visit to the park.

  2. There is nothing like being ill that makes you more grateful for good health and outdoor play. I really hope all of you are feeling better now and on the mend :) Also was great to see you at blogfest :)

    Laura x

  3. Poor you - glad you are on the mend now! The photos are great, lovely blue sky and not a winter coat in sight (not that our children wear them anyway). Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. Goodness hope you are all feeling better. Such a great sentiment to this post about the outdoors and what they mean to you. We have very similar sentiments!

  5. What a smashing park and lots of energetic play. You'd never think it was autumn looking at the sky.
    We were out with our grandson for the first time in weeks too so can appreciate your words about how important it is to have outdoor time.
    Glad you're all on the mend.

    Popped over from Country Kids.


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