Once I saw the adult was safe, I could enjoy the pretty fireworks, “Ooh-ing” and “Aah-ing” and jumping at the big bangs.

Then it was time for sparklers.  Again, due to the advert below, I was a bit scared, but I kept to the safety rules and excitement overcome my nerves.  I loved the sweet burning smell and the sizzling sound as we wrote our names in the black sky.

Despite my many layers of clothes, the hot soup warming my belly and the heat from the fire on my skin, by the end of the night I still felt freezing  and couldn’t wait to get home to cuddle Tinker, put my pyjamas on and climb into my cosy bed with a hot water bottle.

How did you used to celebrate Bonfire Night?  Nowadays I prefer going to an organised display, but I have really happy memories of our Street Parties.


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