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Monday, 7 October 2013

Chickens on the Farm

On Friday, after school and gymnastics the kids couldn't wait to get home and chill.  I wanted to get them all to bed early so I could wrap presents and decorate ready for Rebecca's Birthday on Saturday.


Dave, however, had other plans, he needed us to take him to his friend's studio to pick up an amp for the gig the following day. Predicting that the kids would moan about an extra journey in the car, he cleverly arranged for us to go visit the farm's chickens while he sorted band stuff.  

He knows we all love chickens and can't wait until we get some of our own...we're looking to get them next May so fingers crossed!


So, we popped home to get our wellies and we were off. 



Outside the farm there is a lovely Honesty Box where you can buy some of the delicious, fresh, free range eggs.


Then we walked up to see the 8000 chilckens...yes of course we counted them all!

 It was a lovely October evening, I can't believe we haven't needed our "big coats" yet!

The chickens were lovely.  The kids all loved them, Izzy was so excited to see and hear so many at once!


We also went into the shed to see where they all flock to as soon as it gets dark.  The resting chickens looked very cosy.

Danny was very impressed with the conveyor belt full of eggs.


They practised collecting a few warm eggs by hand too.


We gratefully accepted a gift of eggs.

The yolks were so bright and creamy.

We have enjoyed cakes, pancakes and omlettes so far.

I can't wait until we have our own chickens and our own fresh eggs.  We have to return the borrowed amp this week and I'm sure we will be paying a visit to the honesty box for more eggs.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall



  1. oh wow, what a wonderful visit, we love our 3 girls, they are almost ready t start layign eggs and we cant wait
    Sharon x

    1. Brilliant! I love reading about your chickens. I look forward to a post about your first egg! :-)

  2. Chickens are something we know all about and there is nothing quite like taking home a warm egg and cooking with it right away. Looks like a great trip and another in the making. I hope you get your own chickens too, they are great fun and proper characters.


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