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Friday, 6 September 2013

Cardiff Benebabes Rock! Benefit Rockateur Launch

On Wednesday evening, I went along to my first Benefit Cosmetics event at Tiger Tiger in Cardiff.  I have to say those Benebabes Rocked it!  

There was a great atmosphere in Tiger Tiger, perfect to launch the new cheek powder-  blusher for girls who don't blush easily- Rockateur.

We sipped delicious Rocktails and the food smelt lovely.  We couldn't wait for one thing- to see the make up!

We discussed our favourite Benefit Make up products- I loved hearing what everyone else used- overall favourites seemed to be Boi-ing, Hoola, Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow and of course, the UK's top selling mascara, They're Real!  

I agree and would also add Dr FeelGood, Dandelion, LemonAid, High Beam and my new favourite primer, That Gal, to the list too- have you smelt it?  Wow!

We watched as Holly gave us a fab demonstation on the gorgeous Kirsty.  We passed around and got to try all the products, much to everyone's delight!  


I love Benefit for their make up but admit that I've never really looked into their skincare range before apart from lusting after It's Potent Eye Cream.  

I have been missing out- the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion was fabulous and it smelt and looked great too.  It makes the skin look radiant and that's even before primer and foundation has been added.

I already use Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow over my That Girl brightening face primer.  I have found it hasn't lasted as long during this hot Summer, the solution? Stay Flawless 15- Hour Primer.  

Did you know that you can never how too many primers?  I didn't.  I was the one primer, one foundation, one concealer type of gal.  Now, I know you can layer them, so I can use both Stay Flawless and That Gal to get the benefits that I'm after.  I could even stick some POREfessional on my forehead and nose if needed to as well.  Maybe not on a school run day but when I have more time!

We also tried Fake Up- concealer with a ring of nourishment.  it looked like a lovely soothing concealer to use.


Fine-One-One was added to the cheeks to lift, shape and pop!  Then it was time to meet the newest box of powder in town- Rockateur.


I love the packaging.  Benefit Box O' Powders are really great.

 Pick up the beat with a rush of heat! This rockin’ rose gold cheek powder gives a famously provocative flush that turns heads on-stage and off. The crowd will go wild for its sexy faceted design, accented in luxe gold. For an encore, the custom angled, dimensional brush gives rich, show-stopping payoff every time.

Jo tries the new powder.  The mirror and brush are very handy.

Rockateur put's a smile on Jo's face!

I couldn't wait to try it for myself- I'm sorry for grinning inanely- I should have went for a "putting blusher on pout"!

It goes on really nicely and I think I will use it as my night out blusher- when I need more colour on my cheeks.

I have always wanted Benefit Most Glamorous Nudes Ever.  I bought a cheaper dupe and admit that the colours crease and don't last, whereas though you pay more, I have only heard good things about this World Famous neutrals kit, they don't crease and are long lasting.  

This is a beauty staple that every girl needs popped into her stocking this Christmas (please!).

I always use top liner and am in between bottles at the moment- I need to buy some Magic Ink soon.

Kirsty's eyes were completed with They're Real.  At the moment you can get a full size bottle and a travel size one for £19.50, perfect to fit one in your handbag for retouches.

Finishing touches were Take a Picture it Last's Longer, shimmering body balm and scent...

We were lucky enough to have a preview of Benefit's brand new Scent coming out soon, Noella.   Jo loved this and we both felt it was more to her taste then mine.  It smelt lovely but it was too strong and not floral enough for my nose- it was a huge hit with others though.

We had a lovely time in wonderful company- the Bene-babes, Dani, Holly and Lucy are such energetic, enthusiastic, friendly and of course glamorous ladies!  Kirsty did a wonderful job modelling the make up.

There were awesome Benefit Goody Bags too- thank you!

I met Leanne and Ella again after meeting them at Lush, Cardiff, and I finally got to meet Laura from Side Street Style for the first time after being a fan of her blog for ages.  It was lovely to chat to her in person  even if it was all too brief.  

I will write a post about all my favourite Benefit make up soon as it deserves some lurve!  
Are you a Benebabe?  What do you think of their new Rockateur Cheek Powder?


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  1. It was such a great event and so lovely to see you again :)
    I ordered their 15 hr primer after hearing them rave about it, can't wait to try it! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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