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Saturday, 21 September 2013

A Beautiful Day at Nevern and Newport, Pembrokeshire #CountryKids

I love the beautiful village of Nevern, in Pembrokeshire.  When I came here as a child, I never knew the actual place name, I just asked to see "The Bleeding Tree".

From our favourite picnic spot, alongside the Church, we can see Carningli, "The Sleeping Giant" Mountain that I also mentioned in this Newport Beach Post.


    Walking on from our picnic spot, we come through an old gate into the Church's Graveyard.  I could spend hours reading the Gravestones and Crosses.  It always makes me so sad, especially to read about the young children who died all those years ago, but grateful that they are still being remembered and thought about.

This is the view as you enter the Graveyard.  Originally Jo and I wanted photos of our children framed by the weeping willow.  However, the kids were already off exploring and in that zone of wanting to push forwards and find more, not yet in the reflective mode of wanting to walk back and see from a different view, so we snapped the shot without the kids and I think it looks more atmospheric actually.

A view of Nevern Church.  I love how the Grave Stones lie in  such  a higgledy piggledy fashion after years of subsidence.


This is the Tenth Century Celtic Cross.  Near to it is the Vitalianus Stone, which they have dated to be from around 500 AD.  Inside the Church, there are horizontal inscribed stones under the windows from the 5th Century.

But this is what I always remember about Nevern, the Bleeding Tree.  Here Jo is taking snaps of the Bleeding Yew.  We were fascinated by this tree when we were children, so I love taking my kids to see it.  Normally Nevern is very quiet and we can visit without meeting another person, but on this occasion there were lots of Tourists.  Danny became a mini Tour Guide explaining to them all about the Bleeding Tree.


There were leaves on the Grave Tombs and the kids liked to tidy them by brushing the leaves off with their hands.  This did cause Caitlyn to try to climb on then so she could reach the leaves in the middle, we reminded her not to do this out of respect and also for her safety.

The Bleeding Yew is thought to be around 700 years old.  Most old yews bleed sap, but stop once they have healed, however after many years, the Nevern Yew is still bleeding.

This of course led to many legends about the tree and I do love a good, old Celtic Legend!


The myths suggested are that the tree bleeds because:

  •  Jesus was crucified on a cross- the tree is bleeding in sympathy and it is reflective of the tree of Life in the Garden of Eden. 
  • The next myth explains why this particular tree is bleeding:  A monk was hanged on this tree for a crime of which he was innocent and the tree is protesting his innocence.
  • Some say, more politically, that it won’t stop bleeding until there is a Welsh Prince installed at Nevern 
  • or even that it will bleed until world peace is achieved. (I like this one!)

We touch the sap and it is still sticky.

Rebecca points out the Bleeding Tree.

A view from the other side of the Celtic Cross.

You can visit the Church, it is so welcoming, peaceful and pretty inside.

It was filled with flowers.

We left a donation, bought a postcard and wrote in the visitors book.

The Afon Nyfer (Nevern River) flows alongside the Church....I was grateful that for once Danny managed to pass a river without getting wet!

A photo of the kids (minus Izzy and Caitlyn) on the horses mount.

I always take a photo of the children on here.  When I only had Danny, in his photo we could see the outline of Angel wings behind him.  Even though it may have been a trick of the camera, it gave me comfort as he had his third heart operation that a Guardian Angel was watching over him (and the best Cardiac Surgeons in the World of course!).

As we walked back to the car, we managed to snap Jo and the kids under the weeping willow from the other direction.  The kids were good at Nevern and it was nice that many visitors stopped to tell us how good the kids were.  One gentleman said that they added to his visit.  However, after visiting a quiet place, like a Church or Graveyard, the kids need to run around again, so off we went to nearby Newport Beach.

It was quite busy and the watersports cars were on the beach, but we still had a lovey time, in the water...

...playing in the sand...

... exploring the nature, crabs and razor shells etc...

...hanging out on the rocks... the younger girls are playing with slate, of which is there a fair bit on this beach...

Who needs a chalkboard and chalk when you have slate and pebbles?

I think Newport Beach always looks as pretty as a picture.

The kids had fun playing ball games.

It was a lovely day, I doubt we'll be in our bathers at the beach again this year, but I'm looking forward to brisk walks on stunning, empty Winter beaches! 
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  1. What a really fabulous day! I've really enjoyed reading about Nevern and all the history and legends - how beautiful it is there. Then to finish the day off with a beach visit - perfect, I can see from the photos that they children had a great time. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. Thanks! It is lovely. Are you home and recovered yet? :-) xxx

  3. Looks lovely :) I love the countryside. Have lived in Devon for 6 years and now living in London. I really miss the countryside :)

    Great blog :) Do you want to follow each other?


    1. Thanks. Yes I love living here, but also love visiting London. Love the contrast. :-)

      Now following you on Blog Lovin' :-) x

  4. What a fantastic day out! The photos taken around the church are beautiful. #CountryKids

  5. Amazing pictures in the churchyard and I love the story of the tree. Folklore really interests me and I'd love to visit Nevern one day.


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