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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Soaking up the Sun at West Angle Beach #Pembrokeshire #Wales #CountryKids


You know those memories that are so perfect, you don't even get the chance to take a photo of them.

  You are just too busy enjoying the moment.

This happened to me at West Angle Beach last week.

West Angle is a lovely beach near a Caravan Park and a Farmer's Camping Field.  Sadly the shop and cafe are now closed down (I needed a new foot pumb for our boat!) but there is still a small stall for drinks and ice creams, and of course, toilets!

I did manage to take some photos from the Beach.

Izzy did come into the sea with me, but also had fun on her own in the shallow rock pools.  Perfect for her to paddle safely with supervision.   The water is very clean- it is just seaweed that you can see in the photos!

Izzy loved it when her brother, sisters and cousin joined her in "her" rock pool for a splash about.

At one point I was doing my usual check of where the kids were.  Izzy was with me in the rock pool.  Rebecca, Caitlyn and Cerys were playing, climbing low rocks.  I couldn't see Danny.  I immediately scanned the sea in case he had popped in, forgetting to tell me.  No sign.  Then I scanned the beach.  I couldn't make him out.  My eyes came to the rocks and I spotted him- standing on a narrow ledge, in a star shape, eyes closed, enjoying the Sun.

Of course, I missed that perfect photo, but I managed to capture some similar poses when everyone joined him.  They were about six foot up.  It was a nice spot for vertical sun bathing!

Look at the sandy knees!

Izzy kept returning to her rock pool and would shout "No!",  if I tried to take her back to our towels or for a walk to check on the others.  She would have stayed in them all day.

At one point, Danny took the three older girls for a walk across the bank to get an ice cream each.

It's not a visit to the beach without somebody getting buried, is it?

He is laughing, honest!

Danny escapes from the sand...

... and pretends to walk off.

So those are the photos of the day, but my favourite part had to be handing over Izzy to Nanny, letting Jo watch the girls play, and swimming out deep into the sea with Danny, into the clear, still, warm water.  Once we were out of depth, we stuck to swimming across the beach, rather than further out.

We did floats, somersaults, treaded water, swam, chatted, laughed.  Sometimes, between the sea and the sky it felt like we were the only two people left in the World.

Occasionally a kayaker, rower or body boarder would come past us.  No surfers, there were no waves.  Normally we love waves, the bigger the better, but it was lovely to experience a calm sea for a change.

Of course, as the tide came in, the waves returned and normality was restored on the beach.  I haven't swam properly in the sea like that for ages and  I can't wait to do it again.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day - especially the peaceful swim! I'm always missing those perfect moments, the ones you want to hold forever. But memory is a great thing! #CountryKids

    1. Yes, we're always on the beach, but that swim was special x

  2. Beach + kids = perfect combo


  3. A perfect beach day, with lots of family fun and laughter making memories to cherish forever! Lovely happy sunny photos of the children have a great time together enjoying the joys of being at the beach. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. Gorgeous photos! What camera do you have?! And I reckon we must try out that beach when we're on our holiday in Tenby next year - see you there?! (oh and can you recommend any great accomodation?!) x

    1. I'm just using my phone at the moment (Samsung S2). My camera broke and I really need a new one but not sure what to get. Do you want a caravan park, tent, eco, b & b, cottage or hotel? Do you like somewhere with lots of enertainment or quite quiet and make your own fun? love Claire x

  5. Ah there's nothing better than a day at the British seaside is there?


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