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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Folly Farm Frolics with #CountryKids

So far every day has been a "free" day during the holidays- enjoying the woods, the beach, swimming,  the library, the park, walking the coastal path, visiting friends or playing at home.  Yesterday we used Mum's Tesco vouchers and went to Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo with her.  Thanks Mum!

We usually go out of season, so we were slightly disheartened that it was very busy due to the Summer Holidays.  I'm glad that a local business is doing well, but for selfish reasons I do prefer it when theme parks are quieter and I can find an empty picnic bench.  At least Folly Farm has plenty of Space for everyone- an overflow carpark and vast indoor and outdoor play areas so there was room for everyone.  After a short wait we did get our own picnic table too!

Our first stop was to see the penguins as they are a new attraction at Folly Farm.  The girls saw them during their school trip here, but it was our first visit as a family.  I would have liked to have spent more time taking close up photos of them swimming, but needing to keep the kids entertained, we had to keep moving on.

My old Olympus DSLR has struggled since I started this blog and I am forever having to just use my phone camera, so I really think it is time to save up for a new one.  I hate having to replace old friends such as cameras, but I couldn't zoom in and get close to the penguins for any good photos and that made me sad.

The girls watching the penguins.  

 There were lots there.  Many in the pool swimming and lots in different areas.  Aw, I love penguins!

We did laugh when we once visited the penguins at Welsh Mountain Zoo; during the "penguin Parade" right at the very end of the Penguins all in a line was a Seagull joining in the Penguin March.  It really did look like he thought he was a Penguin.  

Izzy liked the Meercats.  There is a viewing window so she could see them easily from her buggy so I didn't have to take her out.

She can't wait until she can just climb up and watch like these three though!

I had five minutes peace from Danny as he held his breath!  

In one of the play areas, Izzy went into the blue tunnel, it made a lovely background and I took some sweet shots of her.

Oh, I love that flick of her hair.  It reminds me of a Shirley Hughes illustration.

She is turning into such a little girl with a strong, cheeky personality now, so I'm glad I managed to catch some of her gorgeous cherubic babyness.

She also loved the Baby & Toddler Soft Play area.  She ran around, climbed and hurled her body onto all the apparatus (usually head first).  

She also has some quiet sister cuddles with Caitlyn as I sang some songs to them, such as "Rub a dub dub" etc.

Danny only goes on the big rides at the Vintage Fair now.  But I managed to convince him  to go on the carousel to help look after Izzy.  It's nice to have a photo (albeit a blurred one!)  of all of them on the same ride.  After this photo was taken, Danny put on his grumpy face and repeated, "I'm bored, I'm bored." all the way round."

I had flashbacks to when he was a toddler and I would go on the rides with him.  We would often see an older sibling with the same attitude and my baby Danny would be shocked and say, "That's not nice, Mummy."  How time changes!


I managed to snap a "selfie" of Rebecca and I waiting for the Waltzers to start.  I asked Caitlyn too but she didn't want her photo taken!  We're having a lot of that recently so if you don't see a lot of Caitlyn in future posts- that is the reason why! 

We spent a lot of time running arounf the outdoor play area and also inside Carousel Woods, but I didn't take many photos of those parts sorry.

It was a lovely, exhausting day though I will look forward to our next quiet day there again!  

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  1. Looks like a great day! Love the photos of Izzy in the blue tunnel, so cute :) #CountryKids

  2. OMG wow what an amazing day out. Shame it was so busy but looks like you had an amazing time anyway. The penguin shots are fab - especially the underwater ones.

  3. Penguins, Meercats and a fairground - what's not to like? A lovely family day out with something for everyone, you have some lovely happy pictures of all of you having a great time - thanks for sharing with Country Kids.

  4. Claire this looks like you had such a lovely time, i am loving your selfie x

  5. Penguins and meerkats such fun to watch. Looks like you had a great day out. lovely photos too .

  6. I think all kids go through the stage of not wanting their photos taken or pulling faces every time they see the camera so don't worry. Looks like you had a great day

  7. Great pics, I love penguins, could watch them all day

  8. I am so pleased you had a sunny day and so much fun.
    It is raining on our first full day on hols in wales...
    I hope you fed the goats for me. x


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