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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Walking the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path: My Sierra Lite Original Walking Boots Review

As well as running,  I also love walking and hiking.  However, I have never owned my own pair of "proper" walking boots.  

I usually just wear my everyday shoes, or if I'm going on a more challenging hike then I will change into my trainers.

Therefore I was very excited when I was asked to review a pair of women's walking boots.   I chose the Sierra Lite Original as I really couldn't see myself in the usual grey or brown walking boot colours.

Although purple walking boots would have been my first choice, these are pink- and I love them!  They even come with pink shoelaces but I am going to keep the white ones in until they become a dull grey, then I'll upgrade the shoe laces!  I apologise that the photo above is not a good representation of the colour of the shoe laces- they are a purer pink.  The Walking Boots are a lovely shade of pink- not too girly, not too lucid bright- just right.

I decided to try them out on our nearest stretch of Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, starting at Gelliswick Bay.  We can get all the way to Sandy Haven and Dale from here, but as it was Izzy's first time walking all the way we thought we'd ease her in with a shorter walk to South Hook (she is under two years after all).

She walks really well bless her and is a joy, really good company.  She also complemented me by wearing her pink shoes too!

So, how do I manage to walk the Coastal Path with a one year old, four year old, six year old and a ten year old with a heart condition?  

The answer to that is we take lots of "stops", during which we admire the scenic view, sip our drinks and take a brief rest.  

Note Danny is holding his First Aid Kit which goes with him everywhere as he is on Warfarin.  It's normally tucked away inside a bag, but Danny insisted on carrying it today.  I think he was secretly hoping that one of us would cut ourselves and need to be rescued by "Dr Dan".  Thankfully, nobody did but we're very grateful for the good job that Danny did keeping his sisters safe as always!

And then we're off again...

We took it in turns carrying the Cool Bag of water bottles.  Here it was Danny's turn.

I love walking alongside the beautiful sea.

When we start to see Stack Rock Fort in sight then we know we are getting close to "Little Wick Beach".

You can also see the South Hook/Little Wick jetty.

The sea was glistening in the sunshine.

Then we reached the little beach.  There are steep, concrete steps to walk down first, this used to be a pain when the kids were in the buggy.  It is an odd little beach too as it is used as South Hook LNG's Jetty.  It reminds me of something out of the show, "Lost".  A Concrete Beach.

We cut open baguettes and filled them with ham, cheese or both.  Danny must have been hungry!

I really enjoyed the walk as my new walking boots were very comfortable.  I tested them on a variety of surfaces, the tarmaced street, coastal path and then a sandy beach.

The suede and mesh upper kept very "clean" I was pleased to note.  I also loved the hooks at the top of the boot which allowed the laces to be tied very securely and ensured a good fit even around the ankle.

We saw lots of Beadlet Anemones.  I find them fascinating.

Izzy loves her food on the beach- the sandier the better!

The rubber MDT Hiking Outsole seems very durable on different types of terrain:  sand...


and rock.

They had a very sturdy grip, even when I was climbing on the slippy, slimy rocks by the sea- you know the ones!

We played under the jetty.  Even though I went right down to the water and got my boots wet, thanks to the moisture wicking lining, my feet kept dry which was a nice change to usual.

Even though it was a hot day, my feet kept cool and I felt like I could enjoy wearing these Sierra Lite Original Walking Boots all year round.

They are so good that I would like to buy the kids a pair now.  Danny already has walking boots, but I want to buy these TT Sport Velcro Waterproof Junior  Walking Shoes for Rebecca- at £19.99 they look great.

I can't wait until I can get some "grown up time" and tackle Snowdonia with friends.  For now though, I'll keep practising climbing the Preselis with my little family.

Disclosure:  I was sent the Sierra Lite Original Walking Boots to review.  All views  and opinions are my own. 

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