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Thursday, 4 July 2013

A Wimbledon inspired game of Tennis #cbias #coke #shop

After our Tesco Shop on a hot, sunny INSET day, we needed to cool down.  Being Summer, and the time for Wimbledon once again, we sat down and watched the tennis on TV whilst enjoying our cold cans of Coke.  

We don't get to watch it often, as the kids are in school and then at various Sports Clubs after school, so this was a lovely treat.  The Olympics and Paralympics were such an inspiration for us all, it would be lovely if Wimbledon had the same effect.

 This GIF made by Google Plus, as they watched tennis made me laugh.

As Wimbledon is a rare treat, so is drinking Coke, especially the Original Coca-Cola.  Our main everyday drink is tap water.   However, for a healthy, balanced diet most things are fine "in moderation".


They enjoyed drinking their Coke.  

Then we ate our strawberries, grapes and raisins.  Everybody thinks of strawberries when they think of Wimbledon, but they are always our favourite fruit (apart from Dave and Caitlyn who don't like them at all!). 

Another handy tool to learn about eating and drinking healthily is the new Coca Cola Work It Out Calculator.

The kids wanted to know how much exercise they would need to do to work off one can of Coca Cola. 

 I had only drank Diet Coke, so I needed to do 0 minutes!  Rest time for me then!  However, I had made up my calories in other ways that day so I knew the exercise would benefit me really.

Danny worked it out that we would need to play tennis for 21 minutes to work off one can of Coke.  The kids asked could they have two more cans each so we could play tennis for at least an hour.  I said no to the more Coke request, but agreed that we could play for at least an hour.

You can also type in a number of calories and then work out how much of a particular activity you need to do to work it off.

I was interested in the Caffeine Counter.

I drink Caffeine Free Tea and Coffee and then reach for a can of Diet Coke when I hit an energy slump in the day.  To be honest, I didn't know how much caffeine was in Diet Coke.  I also didn't know that there is more caffeine in Diet Coke than in Coke.  However, it only contains 42mg  of caffeine, less than in a cup of coffee and well within daily guidelines.  That's reassuring to know.

Then off we went to play tennis.  We are lucky to have free courts we can play at as well as paid for maintained ones at the Leisure Centre.

Also, we can play in the garden or on the field, but it is lovely playing on a court with a net.  When we were kids we used to play tennis on the road and just move to one side if a car came- it was a quiet road!

The kids really enjoyed playing tennis together.  We are not at Wimbledon standard (yet!), but we enjoy hitting it back and for, playing a game were we count how many hits we can keep the ball going for (we try to beat our target) and then have simple games with simple scoring.

It definitely kept us fit and running about for a lot longer than twenty one minutes.

As it had been a busy day, we weren't really dressed in our sports clothes, but as long as you wear something lose and comfortable it's fine.  Sensible shoes too of course.  Next time I will put my trainers on mind as Danny was more competition against me than I thought he'd be!

I forgot how much jumping and stretching and bending, as well as running around is involved to hit the ball.

Danny and I played a bit more seriously, while the girls practiced shots on the other court and played at being ball girls for us.

It's lovely when the kids are old enough and it's actually a joy to play a game against them.  We both didn't want to stop playing.

During the game, we only drank water.  I never think it's a good idea to drink bubbles whilst running around.  

One last group game.  It was actually getting late here, but the sun was still shining.

Another memory that I had forgotten.  All those hours spent looking for tennis balls in hedges and nettles!

Then we had a well deserved Diet Coke break.

The kids were soon up again for one last game of tennis.

Whilst I sat for a moment and sipped my own Diet Coke in peace.

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  1. Lovely photos - it looks like you had a great time! I burn up a LOT of calories playing tennis as I am mainly just running about after all the balls I miss.


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