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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Hamleys, London - The Finest Toy Shop in the World

Hamleys, London, Toys

The day after Cybher I had a whole day in London to mooch around whilst waiting for my Megabus home.  

Hamleys, London, Toys

I took the Tube to Oxford Circus, walked to Regent Street and went to Hamleys London for my the very first time ever!  I have of course heard of this wonderful toyshop but never had the opportunity to go before now.  I thought it would be great to buy the kids some London Souvenirs and books before I travelled home.
 Hamleys, London, Toys

Look how magical the Window Display is.  I love Toadstools and need more in my life.  For decorative purposes, of course.

 Hamleys, London, Toys

Well done to the Window Display Designer!  You have my perfect job, and you do it fabulously!

 Hamleys, London, Toys

I loved the shop and really took my time walking through every section on every floor.  I loved all these pretty jewellery boxes for my girls.

Hamleys, London, Toys

Lucy Locket!

Hamleys, London, Toys

So pretty!
Hamleys, London, Toys

I knew Danny would love this Lego Architecture, but I didn't have that much money on me!  Maybe for a birthday or Christmas presents.  It would be amazing to make a Lego Big Ben!

Hamleys, London, Toys

I was shocked to find a Royal Version of Legoland on the top floor!  I wondered why the friendly staff said they thought this floor would be my favourite!  Lego Crown Jewels!  Wow!

Hamleys, London, Toys, Lego, Queen

The Lego Queen!  Fabulous!

Hamleys, London, Toys

The Royals on the Balcony!  Will they be adding a new Lego addition there soon, I wonder?!

Hamleys, London, Toys

Lego Soldiers Fighting!  This made me giggle!  I looked for mini ones to buy for Danny, but I had no joy.  

Hamleys, London, Toys, soldier

"Oh Lego Soldier, Soldier, Won't you Marry Me?"

Hamleys, London, Toys

I think that is a Banker, working in the City.  Please correct me if I'm wrong!  ;-)

Hamleys, London, Toys, books

I loved and hated this stand of London Books!  So wonderful, so much choice!  But how could I choose just four (one each!) to take home with me?!

Hamleys, London, Toys, Lego

So much choice for future Lego Sets for Danny!  I can't wait to take him to Hamleys, it would be very special for him to visit.

Hamleys, London, Toys, Magic Show

All around the store, at every corner, there was entertainment to be enjoyed.  Here was a Magic Show.  
Hamleys, London, Toys, Crown jewels, Ninjago

The Theme Tune to Mission Impossible played in my mind as I caught sight of this Ninjago after the Crown Jewels!  Thank Goodness the Lego Soldiers were there to protect it!

Hamleys, London, Toys, Paddington

*Squeaks*  Look at this mahoosive Paddington Bear!  It took all the will in the World not to jump on this pile of Teddies!  We already have the smaller sized Paddington at home, and yes we do "Look After" him.  I couldn't afford the gigantic one sorry and wasn't sure if there would be room on the bus to take him home anyhow!

Hamleys, London, Toys

Another play stop for kids to enjoy!

Hamleys, London, Toys, Playmobil

There was lot of Playmobil on display.

Hamleys, London, Toys, Playmobil

I love the "Country" set!

Hamleys, London, Toys, Playmobil

I want to live in Playmobil World myself!

Hamleys, London, Toys, Power Ranger, Power Ranger statue

Then I saw this magnificent life size Power Ranger statue...look closely...

Hamleys, London, Toys, Power Ranger, statue

...Yes, it is made off 633 Power Rangers from the brand's history- how special is that?

Hamleys, London, Toys, Puppet Show

More entertainment- a puppet show!  Sorry the photo is blurry- the performer was full of more energy than my camera phone could cope with!

Hamleys, London, Toys, Rocking Horse

What's not to love about the traditional rocking horse?

Hamleys, London, Toys, Smoothie, Shaketastic

The store was so huge that I had to stop for a smoothie break at Shaketastic.  I chose Thirst Aid and it did the job!  Delicious too!

Hamleys, London, Toys, soldier, teddy

A lovely Giant Hamley's Teddy soldier!

Hamleys, London, Toys, red wooden bus, wooden, bus

I love the Hamleys Wooden Bus.  I really want one for Isabelle but I was laden with bags from Cybher so knew I wouldn't manage the heavy box for this as well.  I'll have to buy it online some day.

Hamleys, London, Toys, lego soldier, lego, soldier

The Lego Soldiers are so cheeky and funny in contrast to the "need to be serious for their job" real soldiers!  I love them!

Hamleys, London, Toys, lego soldier, lego, soldier

I loved my first visit to Hamleys and can't wait to take all the kids there.  There is one in Cardiff now, so I have no excuse!  There are Pirate Parties at Hamleys Cardiff in the holidays so that may be a good excuse to visit!  It's a special day trip not just a quick shop.  There is entertainment throughout and play opportunities all over the store.  There are lots of demonstrations too and the staff are very friendly, even if you are a crazy lady on your own getting excited over all the toys with no children beside you!

Hamleys, London, Toys, lego soldier, lego, soldier

I bought the children lots of lovely London books, which I will be sharing with you and fun sweeties from the new Scrumpalicious Sweety shop that has opened there.

Tonight, I am heading back on the Megabus...this time with Rebecca in tow!  We are going to Cabbage Patch Kids 30th Birthday Party!  30?  Yes!  Really?  I know!  We can't wait.  

We are going to Hamleys, then Garfunkels, Liberty and hopefully Choccywoccydoohdah too.  We will get off the tube at Green Park so Rebecca can see Buckingham Palace, then walk back to our Coach for the long ride home.  I hope she copes OK with the long night journey and busy underground.  if so, it will be such a special day and so worth it.

I'll let you know how we get on!  Did you have a Cabbage Patch Kid when you were little?  I loved mine!

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  1. Hiya! Hope all's good with you. Looks like you had a fab day - and I saw your CPK party on FB too, which looked amazing! Hamleys is great, isn't it - Charlie is having his birthday party at the one in Cardiff this year - all the people are dressing up as Star Wars characters for him (and the kids get to raid the Pick 'n' Mix counter... my idea of fun!!) x


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