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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to Daddy with lots of love from the Little Evans-Crittens!

We're all missing Dave lots but glad he's having an amazing time at Download!

See you tomorrow for lots of cuddles!

Also, wishing my own, late Dad a happy Father's Day somewhere.

We miss him so much every day.  But I also feel grateful that for the time we had him as our Daddy, he was the best Dad ever.  

He left us in 2001 at just 49 years old, which was far too young to die.

But, he has left us with a lifetime of wonderful, family memories that we will never forget.

We will always remember his smile, his laugh, his funny expressions, the joking roll of his eyes, his funny dances (we weren't allowed to pass him without a funny dance!), the feeling of holding his strong hand, splashing around at the pool together, his delicious cooking, his selflessness, his kindness to all, the funny pranks he would play on us as he loved to make us laugh, hearing him sing as he walked in the back door, his strength in making things, in making our house, our strong family, his ability to fix things, his love for us which he showed every day.

I wish we could take you out for a meal and buy you a beer, this Father's Day, instead of leaving flowers for you at the cemetery on a wet, cold day.

One day.



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