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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Please Support an Auction to Remember Matilda Mae #MMMA #MatildaMaeMemorialAuction

Matilda Mae Memorial Auction

I will never forget the day that I read Jennie (from Edspire)'s tweet about losing her beautiful, baby daughter, Matilda Mae.

I just could not believe it.

Jennie had put Baby Tilda to bed as usual on Saturday 2nd February, then just a few short hours later, Matilda Mae was found sleeping.  

Jennie posted photos of Matilda Mae taken earlier on during that day.  She was happy, smiling, bright eyed, she learnt to crawl, she played with her older twin brother and sister, she lovingly drank her mother's milk.  

She should of course still be with Jennie and her family doing all those things, living her happy life, but now, tragically, it can never be.

She was so loved and so happy in her short life.  She is a very special baby and has been in the thoughts of many thousands of people all around the World.  

Jennie writes so beautifully and honestly, about the raw pain she and her family are experiencing.  

They are in in my thoughts every day.  

I know that Jennie's posts are a great support to other families who are experiencing such sadness.  Jennie is also raising money for The Lullaby Trust, the UK's leading baby charity aiming to prevent unexpected death in infancy.

Jennie is organising a Mile in Memory of Matilda Mae, for which you can join in one of the walks or support by sponsoring Jennie.

She has also organised The Matilda Mae Memorial Auction which will take place on Ebay on May 11 to May 20, 2013.  The auction will be ran by Tots100 and I will post the link soon.

This is where you and I can help.

Please Bid on the lovely items that have been donated with love in memory of Matilda Mae.  It doesn't matter if your bid is high or small.  Every penny will go direct to the Lullaby Trust.

We can't take the pain away.  We can't bring Matilda Mae back.  But we can show our support for Matilda Mae and her family by helping them to raise a fantastic amount of money in her loving memory.

Today is Matilda Mae's First Birthday in Heaven.  Please read Jennie's post and send Bubble Birthday Kisses to Matilda Mae in the sky, and healing thoughts to Jennie and her family.



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