Am I ready for Cybher?

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, Am I ready for Cybher?

Am I ready for Cybher?  Well I’m off tonight so I’d better be!

As usual I’m in a last minute panic about leaving the kids and little details that I haven’t sorted yet.

My polka-dot dress is ready as is my bright, kitsch twitter handle name necklace.  I have a lovely new Vintage London notebook to take with me and new pretty colour pens.

I have business cards!  No, don’t worry I’m not going all serious business woman bigging up my little blog on ya!  I think they’ll be fun to swap with new friends and will help me remember all their details to add to my blog roll and Twitter etc once I’m home.

I’m not sure how I’m wearing my hair yet.  It’s going to have it’s own unique style after a seven hour bus journey, but I’ve bought some accessories to try to help me control it!

I need to sort a bright belt, bracelet and my make up out as I’m travelling light (famous last words!).

The bus is sorted thanks to the bargainous, Megabus.  My hotel is sorted thanks to Claire and Helen.  Unfortunately, Helen can not make this Cybher, so I’m sending her and her bump lots of best wishes and I can’t wait to meet them both in the future.  Claire is very kindly, letting me, a complete stranger, stay with her and saving me from sleeping in the hostel on my own, so I’m very grateful and I’m sure we’ll be far from strangers at the end of the weekend!

I’ve even been practical and have a rain mac with me-just in case- but I’ve got a feeling (Ooh, Ooh!) that it’s going to be a weekend full of sunshine, positivity and fun, fun, fun!

, Am I ready for Cybher?

, Am I ready for Cybher?

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