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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Our Woods - with Country Kids

I'm ashamed to say that we have neglected going to our local woods this Winter.  We are normally woodland regulars, whatever the weather and always enjoy happy times when we go down there so I have no excuse as to why we haven't been on our usual walk lately.

This, of course, had to be rectified during the Easter Holidays.  We planned a fun, free day out- walking through the Woods, picnicking then playing in the Park that the woodlands  would lead us to.

Luckily, the weather was on our side- dry and sunny- a beautiful day!

We walked down the road and across the local beach.

We each chose a stick to tie memorable items  (pebbles, shells etc) to, to make a memory stick of our walk.  Izzy had fun looking after the yarn for us!

Then into the Woods.  I stuck to the path with the buggy, whereas the three walking kids "off-road-ed" it most of the time! 

We looked for seasonal signs of nature, snowdrops  and buttercups reassured us that Spring is at last here!

We played with the trees, climbing them, resting against them, hiding behind them and even within them!  

The kids loved playing with the rope swing.  I wish we had a tall, strong tree in our garden to create one of our own.

I loved Danny's facial expressions!

The kids spent ages on the rope swing.  They really did not want to leave it.  Izzy was sleeping in her buggy, so I sat down in the sun and relaxed watching them giggling with delight.

 They made a bridge and crossed the stream.  Danny found his welly that got stuck in the wood during a very wet, muddy visit down the woods last year!  Shame, I've since re-cycled the other one!

Eventually we walked further into the woods.  We always stop by the concrete bridge.  Danny has to go underneath it and explore but the girls normally prefer to stay on the sensible side of the bridge!  They play Pooh Sticks or skim stones, or sit and day dream!

By the time our walk was over, we realised we had spent the best part of a day in the woods, so we decided to come home and plan a longer day at the park the next day.

Rebecca commented that the woods is just a natural park anyway and I completely agree.  You can climb, swing and hang just like you would at the Play Park.

One week down of the Easter Holidays.  I wish we had longer!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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