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Friday, 19 April 2013

LolliBop, The Big Bash for Little People- Super Early Bird Tickets released today!

Before I had kids, I was officially a Festival Goer.
Download, Leads, Reading, V- I had to go to them all.  Every year.  The heavier the better.
Then Post-kids, I didn't feel the same way about going to festivals.  Yes, some festivals you are allowed to take babies and children, but you can't drink all day and mosh in the pit with a baby in a sling, can you?  (I hope you don't!)   I would have been worried about the noise, smoke and excess of alcohol around my precious children.  So I gave those days up.
We were lucky that some small local festivals were organised.  They each had special family and children's areas.  I loved camping with Rebecca as a baby and Danny, a young boy.  While Daddy went off to watch the bands, the kids and I made our own music, art, craft, we dressed up, had our faces painted and had a brilliant time.

We even made it out of the family area to watch Dave play with his band.  The kids loved seeing Daddy on stage.  These festivals were great and safe for adults and children, but unfortunately, sometimes all good things come to an end.
So, I haven't taken the kids to a festival for a few years, or been to a "grown up only" one myself, although Dave still goes religiously (where the religion is Heavy Metal, of course).
Last Summer, I was turned green with envy.  Every friend on my twitter and blog feed seemed to be having an amazing time with their children at LolliBop 2012.  
They had the sun, the music (Lollibop Live!), Horrible Histories and the Gruffalo (Lollipaladiam), Circus Skills and Magic Tricks (Imagination Stations), Cooking (in the LolliBop Kitchen), a Laser Room and Transformers Truck (in Tween Town) and lots, lots more.

 I think it is amazing that you can go to this festival as a family, where everything is designed to be family friendly and still soak up the festival atmosphere (if I could bottle this feeling I so would.).

  I know that all of my four kids would love it, as there is something for all ages:  Everyone would enjoy LolliBop Live and Lollipaladiam.  I can't wait to find out what West End Show is performing this year.  The 3ft and under area would be perfect for Isabelle and Caitlyn.  Rebecca would be cooking in the LolliBop Kitchen and playing in the Enchanted Forest.  Danny would love the Tween Town, Imagination Stations and Science Zone.
There is even an "Adult Creche" so parents can refresh with a  great selection of drinks including beers, pimms, champagne and wines. 
So I was pleased to hear that this year, , LolliBop is back and has confirmed Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London as it's new venue.  It will take place on August 16-18.
Event Manager, Jenny Kane said: “We are really excited to be taking LolliBop to the iconic Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. This is the first children’s event to take place in what looks set to become one of the premier event locations in the UK.  It has so many benefits for our visitors, including great transport links and family friendly tube stations. 
“LolliBop has gone from strength to strength since our first event in 2011 and Queen  Elizabeth Olympic Park gives us the opportunity to create an even more exciting and dynamic family day out. It’s an amazing opportunity for LolliBop to be part of such an important legacy ”
Dennis Hone, Chief Executive, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park said: “This summer at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park there will be something for everyone. We are delighted to be welcoming LolliBop to join this year’s line-up. LolliBop encompasses some of the best loved names in children’s entertainment, as well as quality theatre, crafts and activities. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park begins to open from July 2013 and will be fully open from spring 2014. We are on track to deliver a fantastic summer events series and a great legacy for east London.”
All the old favourites that I have mentioned will be returning along with some new attractions for 2013.  The line up will be announced soon!

There will also be lots of covered buggy parks, baby changing facilities and breast-feeding areas.

Did you go to LolliBop last year?  Are you going this year?  Super Early Bird Tickets will be released today (19.04.2013.) from 12pm.

I'm wondering if I give my children this amazing, festival experience, especially for them, if I can then justify treating myself to ticket to a rock

festival for myself too?  Hmmm...

For more tickets and more information:


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