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Friday, 12 April 2013

Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park

On Monday, we visited Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park.  We were well overdue a visit as it was Izzy's first ever time there!

It is a lovely car journey, we spotted as many newborn lambs as we could grazing on the Preseli Hills, then enjoyed the scenic views of Ceredigion.  

As we parked the car we admired the wonderful shade of blue of the sea on this fine day.  It was dry- but not very warm especially when out on this headland!  We decided to keep moving to stay warm.

We first walked around the enclosures, feeding the animals.  There are Shetland Ponies, Welsh Mountain Ponies, Emus, Rhea, Pigs, Cows, a Bull, Sheep and Lambs, Llama, Wallabies, Ducks and a Donkey to name a few...

The Llamas are from Patagonia, so hopefully they feel at home here in Wales!  I myself would love to visit Patagonia one day.  

The cows and the bull  are lucky to enjoy amazing scenery all around them.

The Welsh Mountain Ponies enjoyed galloping around their large part of the mountain.  Here the kids are watching them drink from the pond.

One sheep seemed to take a fancy to us and followed us as we walked past his field and started walking along the coast path.  

After we had seen all the land animals we did attempt to walk the Coastal Path to view the sea-life .  The Farm Park overlooks Cardigan Island, a nature reserve that is only 200 yards off-shore.  

However, the kids were very hungry and we had left the picnic in the car.  We were also feeling the bitter cold now we were unsheltered , so we decided to instead go back for our lunch.  A tired, hungry and cold Danny is not a good combination.  In hind sight, I should have turned back earlier as he struggled to get back to the picnic site, however with plenty of rest and support, he made it, albeit moaning most of the way.  It is hard for him.

Next time we go I will walk straight over to the closest point to Cardigan Island, so we can see the seals, porpoises and bottled nosed dolphins, before we feed the land animals.  The Island itself is home to thousands of sea birds and a flock of wild Soay Sheep.

After our picnic, the kids were refuelled enough to play in the playground.  Izzy enjoyed playing in the sandpit with the girls.  

There was a baby pig and chickens in the play area.  At one point the pig escaped, he loved running around free, but squealed when he was caught and put back into his pen.  This was the kids favourite part of the day (the pig being free!)!

We still hadn't warmed up enough to enjoy a coastal walk, instead we went into the cafe and treated ourselves to a hot chocolate.  Special cooler, milky ones were made for the kids which was a thoughtful touch.

The girls felt very special drinking from cups and saucers.  Sadly, we're a mug family.  I don't even own a proper tea set.  Danny made some friends so we didn't see much of him!

The girls enjoyed the ride and playing in the tent.

However, all is not completely calm at Cardigan Farm Island- the owners, Mr and Mrs Lyn Jenkins, are in dispute with Ceredigion County Council who want to put a public footpath on their land, despite their assurances in 1997 that this would never happen.  The proposed public footpath is in a dangerous position, too close to the eroding cliffs and would allow free access into Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park, thus jeopardising their business.  If you would like to help save Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park, please sign the on-line petition here, better still, if you're local pop in for a visit and sign the petition in person and explore this special place for yourself (make sure you see the seals and dolphins!).

We had a lovely day again at Cardigan Farm Island.  It is very reasonably priced (£2.90/£3.90) for the opportunity to see the stunning views and coastal wildlife.

I got very lost on the way home!  It took us hours...and driving through three get back - sorry kids and Mum!  



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