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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A walk around Carew Castle and Mill Pond #CountryKids

This weekend we went for a walk around Carew Castle and Mill Pond.  The Castle is closed until Easter, but we didn't mind as it is a lovely walk anyway.


When the Castle is open, the kids will dress up and take part in Tudor Activities or re enactments   


Wales has many castles in varying conditions of upkeep from grassy mounds and ruins to the very well preserved.  I have been to lots, but I have to admit that I haven't managed to visit every one even in Pembrokeshire yet!  It is on my to do list!


I love how they bring you back to a different time when life was so different and yet in some ways exactly the same as it is still today.


Dave lifted up Caitlyn to show her the Castle.


Danny and Rebecca had already ran ahead and we could hear them giggling as they hatched a plan to jump out on us and scare us!  If only they could learn to hide quietly!


I didn't take many photos as my battery went.  I gave Dave instructions to take photos of different views and the kids feeding the swans.  He hasn't sent them to me or uploaded them yet, so I'll edit the post and add them when I can.


I luckily managed to get a photo of all the kids with the Castle in the background before my camera switched off.  The sun was in the poor kid's eyes so Rebecca was struggling in this photo.  Isabelle looks so excited though!


That was a stunning view!

The kids walked, ran, picked up sticks, made pretend fires, played hiding, fed the swans and we had a snack picnic.  The only part I got a bit nervous about was when we were standing on the bridge.  I always get nervous by heights and water when out with kids!  We had planned to let them play in the park before we drove  home but by the time we got back to the car park it felt right to go home.

It won't be long until the Easter Holidays so I can't wait to plan lots more fun days out.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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