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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day: Heart Shaped Pizza

We wanted something delicious and fun for our Valentine's Day Dinner today, so we chose Heart Shaped Pizza.

We normally make the dough by hand, but since Christmas, my bread maker has been my best friend so I thought I'd try using it to make my Pizza Dough.  I'm so glad I did- we had half the mess and washing up that we normally end up with and the dough tasted "more professional" like Pizza in an Italian Restaurant- however it meant the kids missed out on the fun of kneading the dough themselves so I won't rely on the bread maker every time (honest!).

 We did our best to shape the dough into heart shapes. 

20130214_111539 20130214_111917

Then we brushed them with olive oil and left them for fifteen minutes.


After 15 minutes, we spread some tomato puree onto our pizza base.  We usually make our pizza sauce topping with chopped tin tomatoes, onions, garlic and herbs, but as we had left over Tomato and Mascarpone Pasta Sauce, we used that as the topping instead to use it all up.


We then sprinkled grated cheddar cheese all over our pizza.  When pizza is planned in advance, we buy Mozzarella, but cheddar did the job!


I gave the kids a small selection of toppings to choose from; tomatoes, peppers, jalopenos etc.  I'm afraid I hadn't bought any Pepperoni for Danny, so he had a veggy pizza like us.

We then chose black pepper, crushed chillis and or Italian Herbs.

20130214_125622 20130214_125720


We popped them in the oven until the crust was golden brown and served with salad and doughballs.


They were delicious!  We had five empty plates and then it was time for our Chocolate Heart Shaped Biscuits.

Yum!  We like Valentine's Day! 

What delicious Valentine's food have your kids been making?  Feel free to share recipes- I love new ideas! 

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