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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Pentre Ifan with #CountryKids

On Sunday, we planned to do some hill climbing up the Preselis.  We drove to the Mountains without any problems.  I saw a few laybys, but I was looking for the particular one that we usually park in, which is best for our easy family climb and play.  

The next thing I know, I've drove past it!  Then I realised that I had driven past the very last layby and we were now rattling over the cattle grid leaving the mountains...

Rather than attempt an illegal u-turn on narrow country roads with sheep grazing everywhere, we decided to drive on until we got to the next best place, Pentre Ifan.

Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber Nevern Wales 1

Pentre Ifan is a Burial Chamber in Nevern, near Cardigan and Fishguard. It is our local Stonehenge! 

Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber Nevern Wales 2

It is the largest and best preserved neolithic dolmen in Wales apparently.

Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber Nevern Wales 3

It is maintained by CADW and is free to visit.  You are high up on the Mountains so there are lovely country views.  You can even see Newport Beach if you look carefully.  The kids spotted this so we went there after.

Pentre ifan 2

We do have a strange story about Pentre Ifan from a previous visit there. In the past we have always had a lovely day, lots of playing, tree climbing, learning and a picnic.  However on one occassion it was any thing but.  When we first arrived and were getting all the kids out of the car, the motorhome parked in front of  us suddenly started rolling backwards into a pushchair carrying my niece, Cerys.  Thankfully, we moved her in time and we notified the motorhome owner who apologised and tightened the handbrake.

Perhaps due to this fright, when we entered Pentre Ifan our moods changed and we all felt very gloomy.  Danny especially seemed affected and was shouting at me and threatening to run off into the vast countryside.  I remember he was trying to get over the barbed wire!  We sat and ate our picnic as quickly as we could as we all felt we wanted to get away.

We took the obligatory family photo of everyone (bar me) by the remaining stones.

When we got home and I looked through my photos, a chill ran through me as I came across the family photo.  Above Danny's head seemed to be what can only be described as an angry skull.

I'm sure it was all just a series of coincidences, the handbrake having not been applied properly, us being worried because of that scare, moody kids having the usual tantrums and probably the marks in the stone making out the skeleton shape, but on that occasion I have to admit that I was in no hurry to return again.

However, I made myself go back there as I didn't want it to be a place to be scared of and since then I'm pleased to say that the place has had a good feeling about it again!  Have you ever had an experience like that when you've visited somewhere?

If you visit Pentre Ifan, I would recommend that you combine it with a visit to the mountains, a nearby beach or maybe a trip to Nevern (there is a lovely Church and "bleeding tree" there).  

And now to prepare for "Chinese New Year" crafts and feasts to celebrate Chinese New Year.  We also have Valentines and Shrove Tuesday coming up, of course!  A fun, busy half term!  

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  1. What an intriguing story, sent a shiver running through me to read it! I'm not a big believer in supernatural forces but I think your experience would have made me think twice! Great that you went back and had a good time. I did do a double take and think Stonehenge at first, but know it couldn't be as you can't get up close there anymore. Looks like a great idea with lots to do and see near by.

  2. Fascinating story... Glad your second visit was happier, though!
    I took my second daughter to Stonehenge last year and we absolutely loved it. Looks like Pentre Ifan would be right up our street...

  3. Hi Claire,

    Thank you for featuring us in your blog.

    It seems like you enjoyed your self (this time) at Pentre Ifan!

    We have posted a link on our twitter page to your blog so that more people can view it.

    For more information about Cadws news, events and monumnents please visit our website, follow us on twitter @cadwwales or @cadwcymru or like our Facebook page 'Cadw'.

    Kind Regards,



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