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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My nominations for the 2013 Mad Blog Awards for Parent Bloggers are...

 The MAD Blog Awards

When I first started blogging, nearly a year ago, I soon became aware of The Mads.  Top Bloggers, such as Frugal Queen, had already been nominated and were asking for votes to help them win in their Nominated Categories.

By the time of the lavish awards ceremony, I had started reading a few more nominated Blogs, such as Actually Mummy and Mammasaurus, and found it really exciting joining in with the live Twitter Feed and laughing at the Instagram Pictures of everyone riding that Stag.  It was brilliant! 

I found lots of new Blogging Folks to follow on Twitter that night, Coombe Mill Blog being one of them and then I started following their Blogs too.    

But this year the Mads are 100% better and improved for me!  I get to join in at the start with the nominating process!  

So, here goes (*clears throat*), 

"My nominations for the 2013 Mad Blog Awards for Parent Bloggers are...

Mammasaurus for the Parentdish MAD Blog of the Year

That Spencer Bloke for Best Blog Writer 

 Starshollow78 for Best New Blog

 When I Get the Time for Best Family Life Blog

 Kids Out Days Reviews for Best Family Travel Blog
Kate's Creative Space for Best Craft Blog

 Crumbs Feed Your Family for Best Food Blog 

Geekalicious for Most Innovative Blog

Coombe Mill for Best Family Fun Blog 

Side Street Style for  Best MAD Fashion and Beauty Blog

Frugal Queen for Best MAD Thrifty Blog 

Actually Mummy for Best MAD Schooldays Blog 

Side Street Style for  Best Blog Photography 

 and my last but certainly not least nomination goes to

Mummy Barrow for Most Entertaining Blog.

Good luck to all my nominees!  :-)"

There are so many brilliant blogs out there, if you're blogging and enjoying it, well you're a winner already!

I only used my Blogger Reading List to choose my nominees, as these are the ones that I read every single post.  If your blog isn't in my reading list, feel free to comment on this post and I'm sure I can pop you in there! 

If you want to nominate your favourite blogs for the Mads, then you can nominate here.

Be really careful, you can only submit your form once.  I sent an uncompleted nomination form by accident and had to ask The Mads team to cancel it so I could start again!  I'm so sorry causing the very busy MADS team even more work!

Since writing this post (I didn't want to publish it until I had submitted my full list of nominations!) the nominations so far have been announced on the MADs Blog.   I was so excited to see my Blog Url on the list!  My Blog name in lights!  If you, dear reader,  nominated me then "Thank you!  Thank you so much!"  I am so grateful. Just to see this little blog included in lists alongside brilliant blogs that I so admire is just wonderful! 

 If you would also like to nominate this "Ere, blog", "Diary of the Evans-Crittens",  in the "Best New Blog" category, or whichever category you think we best fit into really (apart from best Pregnancy or Best Baby Blog, as my one year old (baby!) is now too old for that!  Sob!) then head over to the nominations page on the MADs website.

I wish the Mads were a ticketed event that you could attend even if you didn't make it as a Finalist, however, whether I get to the award ceremony or not, I'm planning to dress up and treat myself to a bottle of bubbly anyway, so at home, or at the Mads I will be raising a glass to all my favourite bloggers!  Will you?

The countdown begins...

MAD Blog Awards



  1. oh you little beauty. if I could see you right now I would lick your face.


    Feeling the pressure now

  2. No problem!

    There is no pressure just carry on being the Marvellous Mummy Barrow! :-)

  3. Claire, I love your whole list and am thrilled to be on it for Family Fun. Thank you so very much *excited butterfly feeling* Brilliant to see you nominated too, best of luck x

  4. Thank you very much!! Glad you enjoy my little travel blog. Well done on your own nominations, and good luck to you.

  5. You star!!! Thank you so much not just for my nomination but for reading all my posts! I'm honoured! Glad to see you on the list too... x

  6. Good luck :)
    I can comment really easily now yay! Xxx

  7. That's a lovely post. I won a ticket last year and was determined to win one in my own right at some time. I'm nominated, but we'll see! Congratulations on yours x


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