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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Our weekend away...The Saint David's Hotel & Spa

As you know, I love musicals.

For my birthday, last August, Dave promised to take me to see Phantom of the Opera as the production is currently on tour and they were to be performing at Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff.

As soon as we had decided this I texted my Mum and Sisters my happy news!

They were delighted for me, but joked that I had now spoilt their surprise.  They had also thought that would be the ideal present for me and had been planning to take me too!  

Luckily they hadn't already bought the tickets, although I certainly wouldn't have minded going to see it twice!

Milford Haven to Cardiff Train Ticket

We got the train to Cardiff.  I love travelling on a train.  You can sit, relax, read, text, tweet.  No worrying about cars in the wrong lane or getting lost in the middle of a City Centre!

Can Stella Artois on Train

Oh, and you can also have a drink!  Hic.

We changed at Cardiff Central to Queen Street and then Cardiff Bay.  We walked from Cardiff Bay station to our destination, The Saint David's Hotel and Spa.

The walk felt further than it actually was due to my heavy holdall and the fact that the strap broke, making the bag difficult to hold.  

It didn't help that we were carrying Miranda Hart all the way with us.  The book not the person.

It was also raining, fr-eeez-ing cold rain and most of the walk was along the unsheltered side of the Bay.  We walked into this five star hotel shivering and resembling drowned rats.  We certainly know how to make an entrance.

For this reason, I didn't take any outdoor shots of the hotel.  However, this shot taken from the foyer gives you an idea of the scale of the hotel.

View from St David's Hotel and Spa 

I'm pleased to say that the staff were very friendly and welcoming.  We had booked and paid through Superbreak, so we had the choice of whether we gave them our card for extras or not.  We declined as you only seem to spend money you don't mean to if you do this.

Entrance St David's Hotel and Spa

We went to our room.  The photo above is taken in our own little private entrance/hallway  just outside of our hotel room.  Two walls were made of glass so it was very light and airy.

Molten Brown at St David's Hotel and Spa

There were lovely Molton Brown toiletries in the Bathroom.  The usual suspects but with added mouth wash and lip balm.  The lipbalm is really moisturising and I'm still using it daily.

Glass Tumblers Bathroom  at St David's Hotel and Spa

Glass tumblers in the bathroom.  

Makes a change to the Travelodge plastic ones I'm used to!

 Bathroom  at St David's Hotel and Spa

The sink!

Lush bathbomb and soap

Lush goodies (Model's own!  ;-)  ).
Bum Cheeks Sculpture  at St David's Hotel and Spa

Some "Cheeky" "art" on the bathroom wall.

(Personally, I'm not keen on these!  What do you think?  I know they're apt, but...)

Bathroom 2  at St David's Hotel and Spa

Lovely bathroom.

Bathroom 3  at St David's Hotel and Spa

Lots of mirrors, very light and even a phone!
Sitting Area   at St David's Hotel and Spa

Lots more space.  Both walls are again glass windows.  Our seating area and the end of the bed.

St David's Hotel and Spa

Seating area and the entrance hall.

Balcony  at St David's Hotel and Spa

The balcony.

Dave said not to go out there as it was so cold and raining.

However, I'm the type of person who has to try everything out in the room whatever the weather!

I couldn't waste a balcony, could I?

St David's Hotel and Spa

Our comfy seats and magazines to peruse.

Bed St David's Hotel and Spa

Dave chilling (wondering why I have to take photos of everything.) 
He asked if he was in any of the photos.  I said no!

Spa white robe slippers St David's Hotel and SpaSNACK BAR St David's Hotel and Spa

Oh my goodness! Blame Jo for this photo of me in my white robe and spa slippers!  She requested it!

  I did ask Dave if he would put his on too for a photo opportunity.

For some reason he refused.

Looking at my picture, I can see why.

The snack bar was well stocked.  We added the Cava and Stella!  Don't go complaining now if you don't get a complimentary bottle of bubbly!

Actually, the posher rooms do come with free wine and sparking wine, I had hoped we would with our room as the receptionist said we had been upgraded.

Cardiff Bay Balcony view St David's Hotel and Spa
The Balcony Shot.

I am holding onto the door as I was actually quite (very!) scared as I have a completely irrational fear of heights.

But I did it!

 St David's Hotel and Spa

I felt more comfortable here  once I was back safe in the room.  

Nice lighting.

St David's Hotel and Spa

The view from outside our room.  

If I had stayed here with Mum, Jo and Ceri I know that we would have ran (or got the lift) up to the top floor and taken photos of each other!

Dave didn't want to play that game. 

Cardiff Bay Stunning Balcony view St David's Hotel and Spa

A lovely view from our balcony.

The weather was beautiful the following day.

Still cold, but bright and dry.

 St David's Hotel and Spa

 St David's Hotel and Spa

The sitting area with the curtains opened.

 St David's Hotel and Spa

View  St David's Hotel and Spa

The view through the curtains.  It looks like a painting.

Painting Cardiff Bay  St David's Hotel and Spa

My reflection in a photo of the Bay.

 St David's Hotel and Spa

A lovely sunny morning.

Wardrobe   St David's Hotel and Spa

Our wardrobe, with safe, ironing board, trouser press (of course), hair dyer, robes and slippers.

Wardrobe  mirror St David's Hotel and Spa

Full length mirror.

Don't worry, I promise you will get a better view when you look in the mirror when you stay here!

 St David's Hotel and Spa
The next morning we went down for breakfast. 

We were seated and offered hot drinks immediately.  Dave ordered  Full English and I asked for a Vegetarian Breakfast.

We had fresh juice and a croissant while we waited.  The croissant was the freshest, crispiest that I have eaten in a long time.

My vegetarian breakfast was very tasty.  Vegetarian Glamorgan sausages, scrambled egg (I love scrambled egg in better hotels, in cheaper ones I stick to fried eggs), tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes and beans.  

The staff were attentive and checked we were happy with everything.
We were offered refills.

Despite packing our swimming costumes, I'm afraid I didn't make use of the free gym, pool or spa.

Maybe I will visit again one day with my Mum and Sisters so we can make use of all the facilities (and take a photo of each other on different floors of the hotel!).

 St David's Hotel and Spa BaLCONY
Dave on the balcony.

He's what we call a "fair weather" balconist!  Not hardcore like me!

 St David's Hotel and Spa BaLCONY

Dave and I!  

The sun is in his eyes- he's not grumpy!

We checked out and planned to catch the train into town early.  

No trains were running from Cardiff Bay until that afternoon, so we decided to walk into town.

The walk was shorter than we expected it to be.  I popped Miranda into my handbag, so Dave didn't have to carry her all around Cardiff again.

We bought presents for the kids.  I wanted to go to The Entertainer, as we don't have one near us.  That wasn't to be,  as they close on Sundays, to keep it a special family time.  I admire their principles, but I was disappointed.

We ended up in Argos, so we may as well have bought our gifts at home!

The we grabbed some food and boarded the train back to sunny (no not really) Milford.

It was a lovely weekend and I'll tell you all about Phantom of the Opera tomorrow!


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