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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My Achica Wishlist and a ten pound voucher for you!

I have been hearing really good things about Achica recently, so I was more than happy to create a wishlist in exchange for Achica vouchers.

As Achica is a "members-only" luxury lifestyle store, the first thing I had to do was sign up.  Don't be put off by this as it doesn't take long to join and once you are a member you can take advantage of their offers of desirable brands at great prices. 

I had a general browse at first and loved the ornate  bird cages and  mannequins that I would like to own if I lived in a bigger home.

However, I decided to stick to my home design rules and look for products that were both practical and beautiful in the Achica homeware range.

I came up with these:

My creation

1. V&A Forget Me Not Double Duvet Cover Set, Aqua £35.99

I love treating my self to new bed linen and this set from Victoria and Albert is so fresh and pretty.

2.  Sanderson Oxford Towels, Mineral from £5.50

 I need some new towels "for best" and Sanderson Oxford Towels are "sumptuously soft and luxuriously comforting".

3.  Dairy Fresh Pitcher £7.99

This would look fabulously vintage and shabby chic out on the table holding our milk at breakfast time.

4.  Lisbeth Dahl Large Glass Cake Stand With Floral Pattern £7.50

I love baking and we make a large cake at least once a week, but I don't own any cake stands!  Our cakes would look so inviting being served on this cake stand at a vintage style tea party!

5From the Heart Dome Bird Cake Stand £9.00

Another cake stand!  I love them!  The bird detail really enhances this dome cake stand.

 6.  Cockerel Jug  £11.99

Yes, another jug!  I can't wait until we are ready to keep chickens!  This could be used for drinks or as a vase.

7.  Boon Peep Wall Mounted Mobile - Multicolour £15.00

Isabelle loves watching birds so would love to fall asleep watching this birdy mobile.  I love everything in the Boon range, so bright, fun and practical for babies and toddlers.

8.  From the Heart Dome Cake Stand  £19.00

Another cakestand.  The other two are really pretty, however I think that this one is the most practical of the three as it is big enough to hold a large cake and has a cover.  

9.   Little Leaf 2 Tier Cake Stand £21.00

I also love this one for parties and tea parties.  I would either put two large cakes on each tier or a selection of fairy cakes. Or maybe even one layer of a large cake and the other with fairy cakes.  

(This is the last cake stand!  All the talk of cakes is making me hungry!)

10.  Chasseur French Cast Iron Round Casserole, 20cm, Chestnut £59.99

I have yearned for a Casserole dish like this for over ten years.  We make casseroles in a normal oven proof dish, but one day I will own the real deal!

11.  simplehuman Steel Frame Dishrack With Wine Glass Holder £59.99

I confess two things, one, I don't actually need a new  dish rack, mine is still doing it's job fine and two, I never realised until today that luxury dish racks existed.  I genuinely thought everyone had the cheap plastic ones and you were lucky if you managed to get one in a colour that matched your kitchen!

But this superhuman dishrack is the business!  Space for your wine glasses!  No, I don't actually need it, but ooh I would like it, well maybe not at that price!  This Dishrack is now sold out.

12.  Mastrad Gift Boxed Twin Walled Ice Bucket With Tongs £20.00

Dave likes ice in his drinks.  This ice bucket would be great so we can could keep the  ice close to hand!  

And finally, this is my favourite and most wanted product on my wish list.
Since Mum bought me a bread maker for Christmas, I have been making home made bread every day.  


 I would like a lovely container to store my bread making ingredients in.  

 13.  Set of 3 Home Tin Breadbins £35.00

The large bread bin in this set would be perfect for that use.  


Then I could keep my main loaf in the medium container and any buns or speciality loaves in the small bin.  Practical?  Tick!  Beautiful?  Tick!

  Achica run exclusive daily shopping promotions,  each lasting up to seventy two hours only. As their sales are time limited, you have to be quick to get your hands on the best deals  in furniture, soft furnishings, bed and bath, kitchenware, garden furniture, art, travel, fashion accessories, childrenswear and more. 

Would you like £10 towards shopping at Achica?  If so, you can tell them that I have invited you by using this code

Achica will reward you with a £10 voucher.   Then, once you're a member you can start inviting your friends and receive £10 when they make their order.  

The delivery times are longer than normal on Achica orders, however, they are upfront about this and tell you the dates you can expect your products even before you order.

Have you used Achica before?  Are you going to sign up now?  What is on your wishlist?

Disclaimer: I have been offered a voucher to spend at Achica, in return for my wish list.
All opinions are my own.


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