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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Our Christmas

Hello All,

Merry Christmas!  I hope you all had a lovely few days and are continuing to do so! Celebrations are not over until after New Years and then there's always new things to look forward to so it's all still good!

I've loved reading everyone's Christmas Day posts, so here is a condensed version of our Christmas Eve and day.

Christmas Eve, we always make Gingerbread, usually a house, but this year a Gingerbread family as this meant we could use a softer, chewier gingerbread recipe that I prefer.


I unintentionally saved reading their letters from Santa and watching their videos until Christmas Eve.  However, this may become a new Christmas Eve tradition!





We ate a "Christmas Tea" consisting of everyone's favourite things!

We sprinkled Reindeer food for Santa's Reindeer to feed them and help them find their way!  The kids love mixing this up for the Reindeer!  We use sugar instead of real glitter, which is not good for Reindeer (or birds)!



We rang our magic bells!

I ran the kids a  relaxing (hopefully sleep inducing!) bath, I love Lush Christmas Eve bath bombs, but I forgot to buy them so they had to make do with "Mummy's Homemade Lavender Bath Salts!"

We unwrapped and put on our new Pyjamas- this year courtesy of Nanny!  Thanks, Mum!


Caitlyn in a pig mask is quite a usual sight in this house.  If she's not a pig she is a wrestler, Spiderman, diver or pirate!

We put out a mince pie, gingerbread and sparkling wine for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph.


We read more Christmas stories.  I started reading our Christmas books at the end of November.  I usually read three every night (usually a baby book, picture book and an older book for Danny)- I still haven't got through all of them!  So we are still reading Christmas stories and poem books!  We also haven't watched all of the Christmas DVD's that we planned to!


We then go to sleep and wait for Santa...  (In theory that is!)

We woke up Christmas morning, and YES!  He'd been!



The children were delighted with their presents.  Santa had bought the girls a new bike each and Danny a stunt scooter, just as they had all asked for.  Isabelle had a wooden walker, which she also loved.


We finished opening presents and I took the older kids out on their bikes and scooter.


Then we went over to my Mum's.  We went to the cemetery to lay flowers for my Nanny, Grampy, Sister and of course my Dad.


We also had to lay flowers for my Great Aunt.  Our first Christmas without her.

Then we were back to Mums to open more presents.  We were so lucky, thank you to everyone who gifted us this Christmas.

Then, my favourite meal of the year, Christmas Dinner.  I have quorn instead of turkey, but my favourite parts of the meal are the stuffing and Duchesse potatoes.  They just taste even better on this special day!


Then we went to see Granny, Grampy, Great Grampy, Great Granny, Uncle Andy, Uncle Phillip, John and Uncle Keith.  There were more presents!  Lots of playing! Then a yummy tea, courtesy of Great Granny and helpers!

We then headed back to Mums, for more games, I hung up my car keys and had the first drink of the day, and tried to watch some Christmas tele!


We stay the night Christmas night and Boxing night, so we can all relax and enjoy the family time together.

Boxing Day is more playing, "Bored/Board Games Day", yummy food and drinks!


Then Thursday, we came home to tidy and make home for our new gifts.  



Now, I'm looking forward to New Years Eve, and a brand New Year ahead of us!  

I hope it's a good one!





  1. What a lovely 2 days you had, a delight to read. I love the sparkling wine, hope it was low alcohol so as not to be found drunk in charge of a sleigh! Thank you for joining in my blog hop.

  2. That's no problem! I wrote the post and was delighted to find a "blog hop" it would just slot into! :-)

    Yes, it was less alcoholic than his usual Sherry tipple! ;-)

    I'll be joining in Country kids on Wednesday!




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