Breaking Dawn Part 2 at the Torch Theatre

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, Breaking Dawn Part 2 at the Torch Theatre
Admittedly, not the best picture of me!  I accidentally deleted the “better” eyes open, arm down one! 

Hello All,

I have to admit that I am a big fan of the Twilight films!  You either love them, hate them or have no opinion whatsoever.  If you hate them, stop reading this now and go read about something you do enjoy!  I’ve loved them from the moment the first book, Twilight, came out.  I was immersed immediately into Edward and Bella’s teenage romance and like a lot of people, I’m a (blood) sucker for a good vampire story! I couldn’t wait for each future book to be released so I could read them too.

I also love the films!  Now, that’s not always the case for me.  Many books I read, I just can’t enjoy the on the big screen.  Sometimes the book has been played too vividly in my mind, so when I find the film is disappointingly different then I can’t bear to watch it.  Other times the film is exactly the same and brings nothing extra to the experience than the book does, so I feel there is no point in me wasting my time watching it.

 I was very excited last week to be finally going to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 at the Torch Theatre with my sister, a fellow Twihard, Ceri!

It feels like years ago since I have read a Twilight Book or seen the other films.  So, I was going to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 after a fairly long and refreshing break.  Breaking Dawn ended with Bella (now a newborn, Vampire)  OPENING  her eyes.  OK, so I had read the book, but I was so excited to see how Edward and Bella’s baby, Renesmee, would look in this film and how Bella acts as a vampire.

The film did not disappoint.  From the beginning, opening credits, the screenplay was cleverly done.  The film is beautiful, a must to see in the cinema rather than wait until DVD.  It was wonderfully filmed from wide pan shots covering that beautiful scenery to cleverly crafted scenes loaded with good performances. 

Bella is amazing as a vampire, and I loved how we got to see her through Edward’s, Jacobs and the rest of the families eyes, not just our own.  As always, the serious, tense teen angst in the film is set off with lots of humour.  Seeing Bella beat Emmett at arm wrestling and fighting (poor) Jacob was funny. 

 I loved the scene where Jacob strips off in front of Charlie, Bella’s Dad, and of course we the viewer all knew were he was going with it, but couldn’t help but laugh hysterically as a very worried Charlie begs him to stop stripping (while not knowing where to look!).  I think he was almost relieved when Jacob turned into a magnificent werewolf!

I love the werewolves.  I am not on any “Team”.  I love the vampires and their close knit family, but I’m drawn to the “hot”, cuddly, growling (I love that sound!) werewolves.  Maybe that is why I am drawn to Dave…

Their baby is of course exquisitely beautiful and grows (very quickly) into a beautiful girl.  Her friendship with Jacob, who has implanted on her is touching and tender to watch rather than creepy (phew!).

The Volturi, the largest and most powerful coven of vampires, are back when Irina, of the Denali coven, sees Renesmee and tells the Volturi that she is an immortal child.

The dark parts of the film are personally not usually my favourite moments, but in the film version they haven’t so much changed the story from the book, rather they show us more, so I didn’t find these parts as boring as I might have done.

There is a huge, epic fight scene in the film and it is so cleverly written in that I walked out of the cinema questioning how I had forgotten it from the book!  It turns out, it wasn’t even in the book!  It was brilliant!  Heads flying everywhere!  Many lives lost!   Whimpering werewolves!  I was in tears!

Then BOOM!  I’m not going to tell you what, but there is a massive twist in this film! 

Fittingly, as it’s the last film, Bella shows Edward and us a soppy, summary of their story together so far and I loved reliving those moments.  

The soundtrack, as with all the Twilight films (and most vampire films to be honest!) is great and I would love to own it on CD (Hint!  Hint!).  It would sit nicely next to my Lost Boys Soundtrack I feel!

We sat and watched the film until the very, very end, just in case there were any extras.  They played “A thousand years”, which really sums up the film, in the closing credits. This was the last chance to see all the main characters from the whole saga, so Ceri was happy to even see her favourite vampire, James, for one last time!

Cristina Perri is a huge Twilight fan and that really comes through in the song. I’ve embedded the song in case you want to listen to it!

Did you see  Breaking Dawn Part 2?  What did you think?

I’m going to wait until the final film is out on DVD, then buy the boxset and have a Twilight party…who wants to come?

I’m back to the Torch Theatre tonight for Jack Dee!  I’ve not seen a stand up comedian live for years!  I hope I don’t get picked out!



, Breaking Dawn Part 2 at the Torch Theatre


  1. , Breaking Dawn Part 2 at the Torch Theatre
    Rose Gray
    December 10, 2012 / 10:30 am

    Count me in for twilight night! I havnt seen this one yet! Shocking I know, I'm wondering if it still on in torch? Could I go alone?. Fantastic review by the way x

  2. , Breaking Dawn Part 2 at the Torch Theatre
    Claire Evans
    December 10, 2012 / 10:49 am

    Yes! It will be brilliant! Sorry, it's no longer at the Torch! 🙁 I would have gone again otherwise!Have to check to see if it's still in Carmarthen!Thanks.loveClairexxx

  3. , Breaking Dawn Part 2 at the Torch Theatre
    Jessica @ Sunny Stitching
    December 11, 2012 / 8:37 am

    I saw it last week and LOVED it!!

  4. , Breaking Dawn Part 2 at the Torch Theatre
    Claire Evans
    December 11, 2012 / 1:20 pm

    Brilliant! Glad you enjoyed it too!Thanks for commenting!loveClairexxx

  5. , Breaking Dawn Part 2 at the Torch Theatre
    Ceri Evans
    December 13, 2012 / 3:28 pm

    Definately my favourite film in the whole of the series, I wanna see it again! And yes always lovely to see James hehe xx

  6. , Breaking Dawn Part 2 at the Torch Theatre
    Claire Evans
    December 14, 2012 / 12:21 am

    Yes, it was brilliant! xxx

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