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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Halloween Giggage and Make Up! #NaBloPoMo Day 4



Hello All,

 I am feeling the worse for wear today as I went to see Dave play at Hate Gauge's Halloween Gig at the Imperial Function Centre  last night.

 I wasn't sure what to dress up as, I didn't want to be a witch again and I couldn't find my nun's collar to be a skeleton nun.  So, I dug out my fairy costume that I wore to Ceri's birthday and just went as a "Scary Fairy"!


Andy asked if I was inspired by Saw!  Haha!


Separated at birth?!

I reminded myself of the most pierced woman in the World (but without the piercings!).




Everyone looked scarily, eerily great!

Me and Dave.


Me and Andy.


Me and my sister Jo from StarsHollow.   

Aw, a lovely hug there.  I think we were having a moment (or helping each other to stand up maybe)!

Jo looks very tanned next to me!

I loved Frank's face paint!


Look at that zip! How cool is that?!

 I couldn't get there until late as I had to sort the kids out first, so unfortunately I missed seeing Section 37  and Choke.   I see on Facebook that Section 37 had fun though!

"Thank you to everyone who came to the Imperial to see us and all the other bands last night. It was brilliant and we had a load of fun."

 I caught the end of Age of Anarchy and enjoyed watching them while I caught up with friends and drinking!


Age of Anarchy enjoyed themselves and are playing soon in Swansea!

"Awesome night alongside some superbly talented bands who certainly know how to Rock ! The Imperial is certainly the in place in Milford Haven & We just want to say thankyou to The Mighty Hategauge for putting on such a fantastic night of madness !

We are back on the frontline on Wednesday 7th November at Sin City in Swansea alongside Tidal / Carbon & Fret 64 so We hope to see as many of You as possible !

This is for Simon Our Lead Guitarist ' Get a Strap Lock for Your Guitar coz Thats THUNDER ' !!"

TDog Turner from Age of Anarchy also said:

"Well That Was Different - There Were Zombies ( Not The Usual Drunken Ones ) Creeping About Lastnight @ The Imperial Music Rooms ! Just Like a ROCKY HORROR Picture Show lols Without The Flower Throwing ! Just Wanna Thank David Critten Al Muir of HateGauge For Putting on Such a FANTASTIC Night & My Own Personal Apologies to You & The Band For Having to Leave Before You Played Your Set ! Roll on The 14th Dec Coz I Will DEFFO Be Sticking Around til The End ! Thanks Again Gents GREAT Night With Some Very TALENTED People \m/_(AoA)_\m/"

Aw!  Lovely to hear lots of positive things about local gigs!

Then Persona B were on.  These are old favourites of mine so I had to head down to the Mosh Pit for them!  We had an extra treat as Jonski came on stage with them for one song.  Have a listen to "Straight Lines" here. I'm listening to it as I write this post! Persona B songs are so catchy and upbeat, hearing them always puts a smile on my face. 

Then it was time for the mighty Hate Gauge to play!  I was so excited for this, as I hadn't seen Dave play live in ages!  They looked very sharp and scary as Smart Skeletons in Suits!  They all smelt amazing too (which is never a bad thing!).


Dave on Bass.


I like to get a photo of Al with his hand up at every gig I go to! 


Kev on guitar (at least I think it's Kev-it really does not look a thing like him!).


It looks like Al is punching Dave in the face here?!  This photo is sponsored by Marshall by the way!


The rules of Gig Club are:

Rule number 1:  Drummers must take their top off at every gig. 

That is why I am not a drummer!


I think this would be a good "Guess the Caption" photo!  What is Dave saying to Tom and vice versa?


The band.


Enjoying the band!

Jo being a "Moshy Monster!"


Dave, looking a whiter shade of pale.

For someone who is not dressed up for Halloween, Cauley looks quite scary here!

It was Cauley's birthday and Al passed over the mic for him to sing "Another day in Hell".


I wish I had a video clip to insert here because photos cannot do this moment justice.


When Cauley's on stage (he is in his own band Morgue) I love to watch the reactions of people who are seeing him for the first time.  They are so shocked by the powerful growl that erupts from this young boy.  It's amazing! Grrr!


You can listen to Another Day in Hell and other Hate Gauge tracks here or watch the video of Al singing along to it in his van! 

Of course, there is only one way for him to exit the stage...


This was a beautiful moment...

Finishing off the night, the headline act was Black Light Machine.

Their Facebook status reads:

 "Well done to all the bands last night. Special thanks to Hate Gauge for putting on the event and being so helpful and supportive to all the bands. Good on you chaps! Looking forward to more gigs down in the Shire, and seeing some of those bands in our neck of the woods."


Dave and Andy.  This would be a lovely photo for their Mum if Dave did not look so scary and Andy did not have his middle finger up!

Al, Kev, Dave, Cloudy and Andy.   


Jo practising her party tricks.

Then, we headed down to the Starboard pub for more drinks!

I wish I'd got some food before we went home as I wouldn't have felt so hungover today then!

 It was worth it though!  I can't wait for the next local gig now!

Hate Gauge are playing Bogiez in Cardiff on Wednesday but that's too far for me to go "on a school night"!

I'm sure Frank will upload official photos of the Gig to Capture the Action Photography soon.

Hope you had a good weekend too!

I can't believe Half Term is over already!  Guy Fawkes night tomorrow!



NaBloPoMo November 2012



  1. I love this! Nice to have a reminder of the night too! hehe! Thanks for making me look tanned! Good night, good music and good smells! What more could you need! :-) x x

  2. Glad you like it! Yes, I don't remember much! "Can't remember last night, ooh!" Haha!



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