Guy Fawkes Night #NaBloPOMo Day 5

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, Guy Fawkes Night #NaBloPOMo Day 5

Evening All!

I hope you’re all having a lovely bonfire night.

We went across the road to the Rugby Field, where Milford Haven Roundtable had organised a free firework display.

The kids had hot dogs for tea as they always ask for them on bonfire night.  When I was little, I remember having French Onion Soup in green soup bowls for bonfire night, so I always fancy that!

I also remember piling on the layers, wearing tights under jeans, putting two pairs of socks on etc.  I pile the layers onto my own kids now.

I loved all of us kids from the street going into my neighbours garage and making our “Guy”, then we would carry him up and down the street, shouting “Penny for a Guy!”.

In the past, I have made a Guy with the kids, but we didn’t have time at the weekend or in between school and the fireworks. 

, Guy Fawkes Night #NaBloPOMo Day 5

Danny and Rebecca watching the fireworks. They were a lovely display, set to music.

, Guy Fawkes Night #NaBloPOMo Day 5

Aunty Ceri and Caitlyn.

, Guy Fawkes Night #NaBloPOMo Day 5

Rebecca, Caitlyn and Cerys went on the teacups.

, Guy Fawkes Night #NaBloPOMo Day 5

, Guy Fawkes Night #NaBloPOMo Day 5

, Guy Fawkes Night #NaBloPOMo Day 5

Danny chose to “win a prize” instead of going on a ride.

, Guy Fawkes Night #NaBloPOMo Day 5

It was Isabelle’s first Bonfire Night and Firework Display.

This is the best photo I managed to get of her.  My flash was too bright in the dark.
After she’s had her tea, she likes to have a bath and her night time milk, so she wasn’t happy when we were getting ready to go out for fireworks instead!

I did think I would have to stay in with her.  However, she enjoyed watching them once we got there.  

When we got home, we had hot chocolate to warm us up.  Then when Jo, Ceri and Cerys went home, the kids went straight to bed.

I went upstairs to read them a story and found them all already fast asleep.

I found Danny like this, asleep in his book.

, Guy Fawkes Night #NaBloPOMo Day 5

Reading about Guy Fawkes in Horrible Histories.

I’m off out for a Coffee in the morning and Film Making in the afternoon tomorrow!




, Guy Fawkes Night #NaBloPOMo Day 5

, Guy Fawkes Night #NaBloPOMo Day 5

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