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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Blogger: Being charged for reaching your storage limit


I started having a little panic last night.  I saw that Claire, from Simply Life, had needed to start a new blog because she had reached her photo storage limit on Blogger.

In order to continue posting on her original blog, she would need to start paying a monthly fee.

I have only been blogging for a number of months, compared to Claire's years, but I do post a lot of photos, and the main reason for this blog is to store my photos and memories in an organised and useful way.

Then, other bloggers started commenting that this had happened to a number of their Blogger friends this week, so I wondered if maybe a new scheme had started  which they were going to eventually roll out to all bloggers (is this starting to sound like the "charging us to use facebook" rumour saga?).

A quick search through "my friend" Google, confirmed that many Blogspot Bloggers have reached their limit this week, however a search further into the Google History shows that at all times of the year Bloggers are reaching their limit.

The Bloggers who reach their limit around the same time may have started Blogging at a similar time, so maybe it is only to be expected that they will approach reaching their limit together.

I was confused, however, that I kept seeing the sentence, "Blogger will not charge you for any of it's services." coming up again and again in the results, and as with Facebook, Google insist that they will never start charging for you to use Blogger.

So, why were some Bloggers having to delete old posts or start new Blogs to avoid paying charges?   Neither of which, I ever want to do!

I found out that there are limits on our Blogger Accounts.  These are pretty generous, however, and I can't see me ever reaching my "100 blogs per account" or "a few hundred pages" to a post limit.  The labels limit seems to be the most limiting, "Up to 2000 unique labels per blog and 20 per post" (maybe it's a good thing that I ofen forget to label my posts!). 

Then, I found the all important limit about photo storage.  You are allowed, "Up to 1 GB of total storage, shared with Picasa Web."

I immediately went to my Picasa Web account.  I scrolled right down to the bottom of the page to check how much storage I was using. 

You are currently using 14 MB (1.41%) of your 1024 MB

Relief!  I was not close to the 100%!  Why not?  I store all of my photos on Flickr Pro (which I pay $24.95 a year for).  So, the Bloggers that are reaching their limit are uploading their photos directly through Blogger and Picasa.  I also wanted to know how much the monthly storage would be as if I ever start Blogging more frequently through my phone, I could reach the limit more quickly.

You can upgrade your Picasa storage here for $2.49 a month. So, there is not a "Blogger monthly charge" to pay, as I feared, but a Picasa (photo storage) one.

So, in conclusion, I have nothing to worry about at the moment!  As long as I am paying for someone to host my photos then I can continue to upload them to Blogger.  I like Blogger, I like this Blog and I do not want to have to move.

If, in the future, I did buy my own domain would I still have to pay to host photos and for my domain name, or would I then own enough space to host my own photos?
Have you reached your blogger photo limit?  Did you upgrade your Picasa or join another Photo Hosting service?  Have you started a new Blog?


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