Sponsored Post: Plum Cookery School Videos Now Online

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, Sponsored Post:  Plum Cookery School Videos Now Online

Hi all,

Do you remember back in June, organic baby food brand, Plum, ran a competition to win a sought after place at the first ever Plum Cookery School.  Here is my weaning post entry here.

Unfortunately I didn’t win but five lucky mums were invited down to Buckinghamshire where the Cookery School opened its doors to reveal some of the tasty secrets behind Plum’s recipes and offered expert advice to support parents through the weaning process.

, Sponsored Post:  Plum Cookery School Videos Now Online

The cookery school was made extra exciting with two special guests, celebrity chef Rachel Allen and child nutrition expert, Beverley Glock. I have been really looking forward to the Blog-Posts and videos about cookery school. Now, I have seen the video, I think that they were both absolutely fabulous as you will see for yourself in the new weaning videos.  I found the video really interesting and entertaining to watch.

Plum’s new weaning videos are designed to ensure that other mums can take advantage of Rachel and Beverley’s advice whilst  learning lots of cooking tips, eating fabulous food and having many of their weaning worries resolved.

See below for the Plum Cookery School action in the first of Plum’s weaning videos. This video covers stage one of weaning, where Rachel Allen recreates a Plum, stage one recipe and Beverley Glock whips up some tasty muffins, with a family friendly twist.

This video really got mine and my older kids tummies rumbling and if it made yours rumble too and you can’t wait to learn more, all you need to do is head on over to Plum’s You Tube channel (www.youtube.com/plumbaby) where you can watch all four episodes!

, Sponsored Post:  Plum Cookery School Videos Now Online

Isabelle is nearly eight months old and still doing really well with her weaning, but I was relieved to hear Rachel Allen say not to worry when they often spit out the more bitty textures in the first few tries, as I do get disheartened when Isabelle does that.

, Sponsored Post:  Plum Cookery School Videos Now Online

I love the recipes for all the family and will definitely try out the quinoa, spinach and pea puree over a jacket potato, while Isabelle has hers as a puree.

If you haven’t yet tried Plum products I’d urge you to do it, they do taste amazing. The pouches are really handy for taking on holiday or out on your travels with you. I hadn’t thought about just squeezing the puree straight from the pouch onto the spoon before, I always serve from a bowl so that was a great tip. I am going to bring a few pouches with me next time I bring Isabelle to the beach.

Plus, with a free coupon available to download on Plum’s Facebook Page, now is your perfect time to introduce baby to Plum! They are going thick and fast though and they only have 10,000 to give away, so do hurry! www.facebook.com/plumbaby

I’m going to use my coupon to buy a pouch to use in some healthy muffins for all the family, what will you do with yours?




Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post but all the views and opinion are entirely my own

, Sponsored Post:  Plum Cookery School Videos Now Online

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