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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Izzy Rules OK


Here are some of my baby rules that I choose to live by!
Listen and learn, Momma!

1. As soon as Mummy takes my nappy off, I roll over and try to crawl for freedom!

First, I look all cute and innocent...

...then, up I get...

...and off...I'm away...
(Yes, this post does contain a BARE BUM *Giggle*)
...she won't catch me!  Heh heh heh!  She's too busy taking photographs!

2.  Everytime we're about to leave the house, I do a stinky, explosion of poo, you know the ones I mean.  I make sure it goes all up the back, so Mummy has to change my outfit completely.

This means I get to arrive everywhere fashionably late and in a stylish new outfit of course.

No, no real pictures of my actual poo, I have some dignity (and Mummy doesn't want to get poo on her camera.)

See, in nice new outfit.

3.  When Mummy starts to put make up on, I scream and cry with all my might.  She may be planning to abandon me.  I will not let her go!

Sorry, no pictures of babies screaming.  Mummy couldn't bring herself to take them!

4.  If crying does not abort her mission, I revert to Plan B.  Puke all over her nice, clean new outfit when she's giving me a loving, goodbye cuddle.
Stock photo, as Mummy does not tend to take photos of her shoulder covered in Baby Sick.

5.  Smile and giggle at whatever inane things grown ups say to me.
It keeps them happy.


6.  Be a smiley, happy, baby until Mummy is telling someone what a smiley, happy baby I am. 
Never smile for professional photographers.

7.  Have overnight growth spurts.
It is funny to see Mummy confused when I can't fit into the same sized sleepsuit that I wore the night before.
I used to fit these!
8.  Put adults and big kids to sleep.
See, they think they have got the knack of getting me to nap, but in fact I am the Biz at getting them to snooze when snuggling with me.

Working on getting Danny to sleep...

...success with Caitlyn!  My sleep charms work every time!

9.  What's yours is mine.
I may have my own hat/teddy/book/bottle/cup but I will always want YOURS!

See, Caitlyn's hat is way cooler than mine!

10.  I don't want toys.  Toys are just imitation.
I want the real thing to play with.
Real phone, real keys, real flowers.


Because, "Doo be boo, I wanna be like you-ooh-ooh!"


But, of course, this is just for humour, the real rules are: 
There ain't no rules!


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