This carseat is not cheap, and though all the kids now want one for themselves, I’m not sure I can stretch to that, but if you can afford it, this is definitely the carseat that I would buy. 

It is the safest and comfiest carseat that I have ever used.  I am so pleased that Isabelle is going to have this as her carseat…thank you so much Graco and once again I’m sorry for the delay in the review.

The kids liked it so much that they made up a funny rap for it while in the car.  Then they practised it in the bath, came downstairs in their pyjamas and asked if I would film them rapping it!  Well, of course it all went to pieces one they filmed but it is quite funny so here it is anyway:

“We love our Graco Nautilus Elite,

We love it so much that we put up a fight,

Caitlyn won- she put it to the test,

Then it was our turn…

We found out it’s the best!

Carseat is comfy, with room for a cup,

And, when we get tired we can even rest up.

We love our Graco Nautilus Elite!

Graco Nautilus Elite!


That sums it up.  We love our Graco Nautilus Elite and we’re sure you would love one too!




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  1. Ceri Evans
    August 1, 2012 / 12:32 pm

    Looks great, glad that the kids all loved it despite being such different ages xx

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