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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Thursday: Isabelle's First Jubilee Party

Hello All,

At Little Stars Parent and Toddlers on Thursday, Isabelle attended her first Jubilee Party. 


She had to wear red, white and blue.  She looked very patriotic in her cute Union Jack dress from


We were too busy having fun on the play mats to notice the lovely Jubilee Craft going on- Baby Blue hand prints within the Mum's Red hand prints, so I'm going to "steal" the idea and do my hand prints with all the kids tomorrow, I can show you what I mean then.


I did notice the lovely cakes though!  Poor Izzy!  She would have loved to have had one too!  That will come soon enough!  I'm going to write about her weaning and development soon.


All her friends looked so lovely, we did have a group photograph taken so I can't wait to see that!

After Parent and Toddlers, I picked Caitlyn up and we had to go to the supermarket. 


 She walked her doll in the buggy, and her doll wanted to sit on the ride as we left the shop, so Caitlyn kindly took dolly on the ride.


Danny had a nice day in school.  It was "play day" at the pool as it was their last swimming lesson for this half term.  Then, during the afternoon a pet handler and her dog came in to visit them, the dog was called Toby, just like my Mum's dog.

Dave read a book to Caitlyn in school that morning.  From how she described it I think the book was "Hug!".

Rebecca is still Pirate crazy!

After school Danny went to gym.

Then it was home, to find something "Red, white and blue" for Danny to wear to school and to pack for Cub Camp.




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