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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wednesday - Jabs and Cubs Presentation Night

Hello All,

We're all enjoying the sunshine.  The "paddling pool" is permanently up and the kids are in there splashing about every day.  We can't get Caitlyn out of there!  The best bit about the sun for me is being able to dry the laundry quickly on the line for a family of six! 

Yesterday, I took Isabelle to Under Ones (Parent and Baby Group) for the first time.  I couldn't take her when Caitlyn was home with me, but she is at school during mornings now.  Tomorrow, we're going to a Jubilee Party at Little Stars Parents and Toddlers.

Today, Danny enjoyed school as they went shopping for the ingredients which they are going to use to bake in school tomorrow.  Lovely for him.  He has just started walking home from school by himself, this is fine, but today we were in a hurry as Isabelle had her jabs and he still wasn't home when it was time to leave!

Isabelle was so brave for her last jabs, she did cry (with real tears!) as the sharp needle went in, but as soon as it was over, she was happy and smiling again.  Laughing straight away at big brother Danny.  Another little girl in the doctors also took a shine to Danny and he played with her so patiently, it was very sweet to see.

Then, at Cubs, it was Danny's Badge Presentation Night.  Here he is collecting his badges.



  He looked so serious going up to collect them.  I knew he was concentrating on keeping still (he has dyspraxia and hyper mobility so finds this more difficult than you would think!) and using the correct hand to shake hands.  His smile was back once he received his badges though!

I took a lovely photo of him with his badges, but I can't upload photos from my camera yet.

Danny's new skateboard (bought with his left over birthday money) arrived today too, so he practised some "stunts" after cubs.

He has Gymnastics after school tomorrow, as he did well at his competition in Cardiff, he will be entering the competition in Dorset in October too, so he's busy practising his new routine.

During school time he has swimming and drum practise.

Rebecca is loving her topic at the moment:  Pirates!  When I pick Caitlyn up at dinner time, it is lovely to see Rebecca's class making the most of the Outdoor Learning Areas at the school, they get outside whenever they can and I know Rebecca loves the class she is in.

On Friday, Rebecca will have her own Gym Class.  Danny is off to Cub Camp for the weekend (please be dry for that!), but thankfully he is home on Sunday to join in the Jubilee Celebrations.  :-)  I do wish it was Half-Term and then the two Bank Holidays though! 

Will it still be sunny tomorrow or will the rain be back (filling up the paddling pool for me!)?

Have a lovely day,




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