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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

May Day...Is this a change in the weather?

Hello all,

It's the First of May already!  Wow!  We haven't "celebrated" it yet, we'll do lots of "May" activities over the weekend and on the (excited voice) Bank Holiday Monday! 

Today, the weather started off the same as the last few days.  Terrible.  Wet (though not as wet as the places in the UK that are flooded and yet also suffering a hosepipe ban!), windy, dark and very, very cold.



It was very grey.

The sea was wild, and the swans were "bop, bopping" over the wild waves.  I wonder if they enjoyed this as much as we enjoy body boarding and sittting on a tyre on the waves?

So the new Summer Uniform still hasn't had an outing this year (the girls can't wait
to wear them, but are still wearing their vests and black tights at the moment!).

 I wasn't really looking forward to picking the kids up from school and going to the cemetery in the cold.  The rest of the family went on Sunday, but it was too wild for the kids to go then, so I said I'd go midweek.

I loaded the car with our wellies and raincoats.

I  wore my winter coat, but I later wished I hadn't.

As I approached the school, the wind eased, the sun came out and the sky turned  All was as it should be.

The flowers on the graves had been blown about by the wild weather.  Danny said he would clear up the grave.


Sorry the photo is blurry, but I thought how proud my Nanny, Grampy and Sister would be as he tended their grave so carefully.


Sending a kiss to my Dad, Grampy.


Isabelle was there too, fast asleep the whole time.





I can just see my Dad's grave, with the flowers and balloon, as we walked out of the cemetery.

Isabelle has jabs tomorrow and we're off to Cardiff on Friday for a gymnastics competition,  we're also keeping "Herman" alive... wish me luck!



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