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Thursday, 22 March 2012

We love Lego and Lego Club Freebies!


All my kids love LEGO.  From big, simple LEGO Duplo to the most complicated Star Wars set, we've got a lot of it.  Everywhere we go, we bring some LEGO with us.  At home, Danny has huge boxes full of it, but even a little tub of it can amuse him (and keep him quiet!) for hours.  We also have Mega Blocks and other Non-Branded sets.


They love buying the LEGO mini-figures as well.  I'm sure for Danny, he enjoys the making process most.  Rebecca and Caitlyn do enjoy making it, but they make it to play with the finished product.  They all role play stories with their LEGO.  I love that LEGO is so versatile, stored easily and such a transportable toy.  It lasts forever, with buckets of LEGO being passed down through generations. I know, on some people's Blogs, they have a problem with the "plasticness" of LEGO.  I understand this, from an environmental point of view, if this worries you, then maybe handed down LEGO is best for you.  From, the health point of view, then I did find this:  "Lego blocks and figures are primarily made of ABS plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and do not contain any PVC, phthalates and BPA. Lego has a laboratory for plastic materials and testing in Denmark to ensure product safety. Lego sells building blocks and kits to children aged 18 months and older." 

The only thing I don't like about LEGO is when I stand on some pieces that I've been nagging Danny to put away for the last ten minutes and making really fiddly bits (my hands aren't nimble enough for LEGO!  I'm in awe of Dave and the kids ability with it!).

I love the way boys connect through LEGO.  If Danny is sitting down, in the park or beach etc with his LEGO, he will always meet new friends who also love LEGO.  They don't say anything to each other at first.  Usually, the other child will just see the LEGO and begin to play with it.  Then gradually, they start talking to each other through the game, and then eventually start speaking to each other.  I love that!

Anyway this post isn't meant to be about playing LEGO, I wanted to make sure all parents of LEGO enthusiasts have signed up for their FREE copies of LEGO Club Magazine.  My kids latest edition came through the post yesterday so that reminded me.  My kids also love magazines and comics, but these can be expensive, so to be able to sign up for a free one, about a topic that the children love can only be a good thing.  I know from LEGO's point of view they are trying to advertise and make your kids nag you to buy more LEGO, but you don't have to! 

The magazine includes a comic story, some puzzles and quizzes, information about LEGO characters and competitions etc. It also contains codes to link up to the Internet.  It's not my favourite comic for my kids, I like ones with lots of stories for Rebecca and lots of facts for Danny - he loves the kids version of National Geographic.  But it's free and its always fun to get something free in the post. 

To sign up for Lego Club Magazine, visit: this link .

Here are the reasons they give for joining:

The Top 10 Reasons to Join the LEGO® Club Today!

Hey out there! If you haven’t joined the LEGO Club yet, here are the Top 10 reasons why you just might want to sign up today!

1. Membership is totally and completely FREE!

2. A free subscription to LEGO CLUB MAGAZINE ™ (where available). The magazine is full of games, puzzles, comics, contests, kids’ Cool Creations, and spotlights on the newest LEGO models and themes!

3. Awesome VIDEOS like the LEGO Club Show, LEGO Club Clips, and Features, right here on LEGOclub.com!

4. Exclusive BUILDING STEPS for all-new models that you can make from your own collection of LEGO bricks!

5. All the latest STORIES, including news, previews and interviews that take you behind the bricks for the inside scoop at The LEGO Group!

6. The COOL CREATIONS gallery, full of thousands of unique models created by LEGO fans like you…and where you can upload your own amazing original creations!

7. Find out the answers to your burning LEGO questions at ASK MAX !

8. An up-to-date EVENTS CALENDAR packed with upcoming special LEGO events and activities in your area!

9. The LEGO CLUB E-MAIL NEWSLETTER , sent right to your e-mail inbox with even more breaking LEGO news and contests!

10. Vouchers for free or reduced entry to LEGOLAND Windsor!

We get three LEGO Club Magazines delivered to our door.  Caitlyn gets LEGO Junior, Rebecca gets LEGO Club (Lego Friends) and Danny gets the original LEGO Club mag.

Hope someone who loves LEGO gets a free magazine subscription out of this!





  1. We received our first Lego Club magazine in the post a couple of days ago and Sunnyboy was so pleased! Lego is wonderful. :)

    1. Brilliant! The Lego catalogue always keeps mine amused too! xxx


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