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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Cooking Bus, Pizza and Annie


Danny had a lovely day in school on Friday.  Aside, from all the fun Sports Relief activities, he also got to walk down, in the sunshine, to the Bws Coginio, also known as "The Cooking Bus". 

Cookingbus1 cookingbus cookingbus3
He made Pizza and Fruit kebabs.  I wish I'd got a picture, but as soon as they were home from school, they layed a blanket on the trampoline and ate the picnic provided by Danny.  I did go to take one, but my battery failed me!  Never mind, I have the memories!

We also had homemade Pizza for tea, so Friday was a bit of a Pizza Fest! All healthy ones luckily! As planned, we let the kids watch Sports Relief, Rebecca, as always fell asleep at normal bed time anyway.  Was nice to be snuggled up with her anyway.  Next to drop was Danny.   He loved the show, whenever anything funny was said, he'd comment, "Oh, people have gotta give money for that!"  And, of course was touched by the plight of other children's lives that we saw. 

Crazy Caitlyn stayed awake, although she wanted to play not watch TV (obviously!).  Dave and I were just chatting and about to put all the kids to bed when she got out her toy laptop.  She came over to us and said so sternly, "Can you be quiet please, I've got work to do on the laptop!"  Oh, we laughed!  ...  Then put them to bed! Saturday was a dress rehearsal for Annie. Danny went to work with Dave. I wish I'd taken a photo of him on the boats. He came out of work with lots of treasure, elastic bands, wires etc. The girls have got another rehearsal today, I'll hopefully get a pic of them in costumes then! We popped in to see Nanny and Aunty Ceri.

Then Saturday night, I started to set up a new Twitter and Facebook linked to my Blog...I haven't linked them yet. I'm so glad I set up a new e-mail before starting the blog, as I didn't realise how much e-mail having a blog would create. So, I am a friendless, followless Twitter/Facebook being at the mo! I will finish my profiles and try and add friends soon!

Have a lovely, sunny weekend everyone!

 And you will all know by now that the clocks have gone forward! "Spring Forward! :-)

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