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Sunday, 26 February 2012


The girls went to "Theatre School" this morning, while Danny went to work with D.  The girls are rehearsing for "Annie".  "It's a hard knock life for them!"  Danny helped D. fix a boat.

Then we had a little roadtrip to pick up D's new bass.

On the way home we popped in to see Great Granny and Great Grampy.  Granny and Grampy were also there, along with Sally Dog.

Isabelle enjoyed cuddles and smiles with everyone.



Caitlyn enjoyed the treats she got from G. Granny...fizzy pop!


Danny enjoyed making a fishing road with some rope, a stick and a hook.  Cans made ideal "fish" to catch.


Rebecca was busy making a picture using. G. Granny's ribbons and Christmas bows etc.

One of G. Granny's "Odds and Ends" cupboard and draw kept them amused all afternoon.  The things they found in there...from objects from WW2 to family photos featuring D. as a baby and young child...Aw! 

I've been making sure the kid's costumes are ready for Saint David's Day on Thursday.  The girls "Welsh Costumes" are nearly sorted.  I just need to iron their shawls and resew ribbon on one of their hats.  Danny has a new Welsh shirt courtesy of Nanny...thank you!

But, I didn't find anything for Isabelle to wear.  I'm sure Rebecca had a baby sized Welsh Costume but I haven't come across it.  So, I decided to "Upcycle" an old sleepsuit I have.  It's a Christmas sleepsuit, 0-3 months that has been worn by Rebecca, Caitlyn and Isabelle at Christmas time.  I covered the Christmas print with a simple felt daffodil.  Well, it's more like a yellow flower but at least she can wear this sleepsuit again now without feeling out of season!  :-) 

P2258863 P2258867


We had our first Spring day today!  The sun always shines ready for Saint David's Day!  :-)



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