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Friday, 10 November 2017

Halloween 2017- A Time for Family

I heard a lot of negativity this year in the run up to Halloween but for us it is a family time and we still celebrate it for the sake of tradition.  I have happy memories of Halloween "Street Parties" with our neighbours while growing up and I want my kids to experience the same for  this occasion too.  When I went "Trick or Treating" it was just down our street and to the neighbours who we knew were expecting us.  We were quite often given spare change instead of sweets as people didn't buy in sweets especially for Halloween.  Once we got back to the party the money would be shared out equally but I can honestly say we'd have enjoyed the day without "these treats", the friendship and fun we all enjoyed together was the important part.

With my own children we have a family party and only go "Trick or Treating" to family.  The kids always bring something to give to our hosts- a homemade biscuit or cake-  rather than expect to receive but I have to admit they are lucky at every house and everyone always gives them sweets and money.

This year's celebrations began with a weekend family party at Nanny's house while Aunty Ceri was home.

We enjoyed delicious Nachos for tea and then began the party games.

Apple bobbing is always fun.  Izzy spied the bowl and apples and couldn't wait for this game to begin.  

Danny is an old pro and easily "won" a bobbing apple.

Izzy soon realised that it's harder than it actually looks.  Firstly she worried about her top getting wet, so off her vampire top came.  Then she still struggled to grab an apple using her small mouth.

I told her that if she could grab an onion instead, we would let her swap it for an apple, so that's what she did!

Cousin Cerys' turn!

Another old pro!

After everybody had completed their turn Danny decided to quickly bob and win all the remaining apples!  He did this very quickly- it was quite funny to watch.

Then the kids took to the hall to play party games with Ceri.  They love playing "Who Am I?" and Charades.

Toby had lots of cuddles with the kids.  Here he was desperate to get the balloon behind Danny- he loves balloons!

Danny "Balloon Alien Face".

Ceri then began a game of "Guess the TV Theme Tune".  I thought it was an app on her phone but she was just playing songs from TV Theme Tune albums on iTunes.  The kids loved this so I'll definitely use this idea to entertain them in the future.

My little vampire!

Once the kids began to tire we made our way home.  Thanks for a lovely party Mum, Jo, Ceri and Cerys!

On actual Halloween we spent the day writing and telling Halloween stories, baking spooky biscuits and enjoying bewitching Lush goodies.  Then it was time to get ready and go out family "Trick or Treating".  The kids always miss out on getting to give out sweets to "trick or treaters" visiting our house so this year they left some treats outside for visiting kids to share.  We hope everyone who knocked managed to get some!

Firstly we popped into a friend's party- this year we had a witch, teen in scream mask and two twinning sketetons.  Izzy adores her older sister Caitlyn and quite often wants to be "whatever Caitlyn" is.  

Thanks to C and K for inviting us to their party - sorry we couldn't stay long!

Then we went to see Great Granny and Great Grampy and to deliver more biscuits.  The kids had planned to make Bat and Spiderweb biscuits but of all our tupperware full of different cutters we couldn't find a plain circle one!  So instead they made bats and cats.

Great Granny takes a photo of Witch Rebecca.

The kids with the "Greats".  The skeletons look well and truly (ironically) fed up!  I wonder if there were smiles behind the masks? 

Next we visited Granny and Grampy.  Danny enjoyed cuddles with Aunty Eileen's lovely doggy, Charlie.  

 The kids with Granny and Grampy and Charlie.  Funnily enough every family shot features a dog as Great Grampy's plush dog was in the above photo too!

Lastly we popped to Nanny's house to see her and Toby dog!

Lastly we came home to scare Daddy- he was definitely more scared when we took our masks off!  We checked our treat bucket and as expected it was empty.  We hope all the trick or treaters had fun!

Me and the kids (sadly I took my wig off before the photo!).  I didn't have a lot of time to get ready so I'm not even sure if I was a witch, Morticia or just spooky lady!  It's all good fun though!  We had a lovely time and the best part as always was seeing our lovely family.

The girls also enjoyed parties with Brownies and Guides!

Do you celebrate Halloween?  What are your traditions?

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  1. Wow what a great Halloween
    I join in but think I'm off the wrong generation

  2. Looks like lots of fun. I love traditional Halloween games like ducking for Apple's

  3. Looks like they had a fab time, their costumes are fantastic too, when we were children my sister and I would go around our village and their would be pumpkins and decorations and welcoming faces, we took our daughters this year and hardly any houses were decorated, and people didn't answer their doors but they enjoyed themselves with the few who did, I will be doing a party next year, I didn't this year as we have recently moved home xxx


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