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Friday, 22 September 2017

September Top Toys: We've Been Playing...

Each month I'll share a round up of our top toys, the ones that have been played with the most and kept at the top of the toy box.  Here are our favourite toys this September:

Hallmark sent us these Superhero Itty Bittys.  The kids have great fun making stories and playing with them.   We have Wonder Woman Itty Bitty, Supergirl, Batgirl and Harley Quinn.  They're perfectly sized and also make great collectables!

We've been playing with all our Lottie Dolls but this month's favourite has definitely been Brownie Lottie.  She even went to real life Brownies with Caitlyn this week.  She's definitely one to pop in the stocking for any Brownie Guide for Christmas this year.

Tyler, aww  (or should that be "Rawrrr?") Furreal Roarin' Tyler the Playful Tiger was sent to us to review (read our Tyler the Tiger review here) and we feel so lucky to have him (he would have been a "big Christmas present" otherwise rather than a random buy.  Lots of readers expressed an interest in buying him and I'm keeping an eye out for a good offer for you all as I know he's not cheap, but he is great quality and oh so lovely.  

Rebecca is learning about the Victorians in school so when we recently visited Scolton Manor I let the kids buy a toy from the gift shop with the rule being it had to be a toy that would have been played in Victoria Times.  We came away with a Jacobs Ladder, Pick Up Sticks, a wooden snake and this Classic Compendium of Games, including Backgammon so that's been our new game to play this month.

And the kids are still playing Draughts and Chess at every opportunity.  They love it.  

Lastly, it's a book not a toy but playing "Where's the Wookiee?" is a lot of fun (if you like Where's Wally? and Star Wars then you will love it).  We are currently running a competition to win a set of Star Wars "Where's Wookiee?"  books here (until 27/09/17).

I haven't taken any photos but LEGO is still being played with (and trodden on!) every day too!  

What toys are you loving in your family this month?

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  1. Tyler the tiger looks so cute


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