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Thursday, 28 September 2017

A Riverside Walk at Lower Lode Inn, Forthampton, Gloucestershire

As we only used the Lower Lode Inn as a stop gap on our journey home from Nottingham, we didn't have time to take in the sights of Forthampton or Tewkesbury.  We did however enjoy a riverside walk along the River Severn.  

We set off from the Lower Lode Inn (Sat Nav: GL19 4RE).  We passed some private moorings who obviously like their privacy (the snarling lion sign says "You'd better have a damn good reason for calling here.")  You'll be pleased to hear that we didn't call but admired their peaceful garden from afar (gorgeous sunflowers!) and continued on with our walk!

Across the River Severn we could see the tower of Tewkesbury Abbey, the second largest parish church in England (it's actually larger than a number of cathedrals).  It was formerly a Benedictine Monastery.  The Abbey is free to visit but donations are welcome.

We went through the kissing gate. 

It was very peaceful to be so close to the river.

Part of the walk is across a large grass field with plenty of room for the kids to play and run about.  We would bring a ball here and play if we stayed for longer.  The kids found dandelion clocks and made wishes.

Izzy looks so small next to this beautiful tree, it puts life into perspective.

When the kids were young they'd always measure tall things comparatively to "Daddy"- "Big Foot is really tall- he's even taller than Daddy!".  Even Dave was towered over by the growing corn.

We walked past and (where the path permitted) through the corn fields.

We were getting closer to Tewkesbury Abbey but still separated by water.

Different coloured heather across the water created a beautiful scene.  "The heather's always more colourful across the water."  It would be a nice picnic spot.

The male corn flower.

I was delighted when we came across lots of ladybirds (or ladybugs), in a variety of colours.

As we were close to the river we saw lots of dragonflies too.

Meanwhile, in the river the swan and signets enjoyed a graceful swim.  As we watched the swans Izzy said "Aww, it's sad that the ugly duckling didn't get to be brought up by her own swan mummy.".  I had to agree.  She is such a caring sole.

Thankfully these signets still had their swan mummy.

The kids played "pooh sticks" over the bridge.

We reached Upper Lode Lock.  We're hoping to go on a narrow boat holiday now the kids are older so it was interesting to show them.  Then we turned back towards Lower lode Inn so we'd be back in time for food (we were looking forward to pub grub washed down with a pint).

On our return we spotted a pathway leading to this tree with a rope swing and you know how much the kids love a tree swing.

As the kids played, the cows in the meadow wandered up seemingly full of curiosity about these laughing, playful kids. 

While the kids played I wandered on ahead as I wanted to try and take a few more snaps of the ladybirds.  It was difficult to get sharp images as the plants moved in the breeze.

We were also lucky to spot some fallen corn so the kids could have a look and learn about how it grows.

The mature female silk of the corn.

We walked back past the field and through the kissing gate.  

We returned back to the Lower Lode Inn and enjoyed a pint with the swans and then a hearty hot meal.  You can read about our stay at Lower Lode Inn here.

We booked a stay at Lower Lode Inn with Booking.com.  Single rooms cost from £40 and family rooms start at £85, with breakfast included.  They also have a camping and caravan site as well as boat moorings.

We chanced upon this inn by chance but really enjoyed our stay and hope to return one day.  Where have you unintentionally visited and really enjoyed?


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