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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Milford Haven Carnival Day, July 2017

Milford Haven Carnival takes place and is enjoyed whatever the weather  but I admit to feeling relieved when I woke up Saturday morning to sunshine streaming into the bedroom.   We were blessed with lovely weather for carnival day which is always better for locals preparing their floats.  I know I always say it but I really miss going on a float each year, it's really fun watching as well as taking part though.  Here are some of our photos from Carnival Day (I've added a link at the bottom of the post to the whole album):

Walking down to watch the Carnival, in the Memorial Gardens we spotted Granny, Grampy, Great Grampy, Great Granny and Aunty Margaret waiting to watch the carnival too.  Izzy had fun collecting pine cones, making pictures and playing with them.

She also spotted bugs!  Then we crossed the road to find a space with a better view of the carnival.

Although not taking part, Rebecca was still in the carnival spirit with her lei and flower garland.  The carnival was great.  Everyone had made such an effort with all their floats.  I photographed as many as I could but kept spotting people I knew (another benefit of carnival day) so missed a few while I was chatting.  I completely missed Kym Marsh going past!  Here are the photos of the floats:

Milford Haven Gymnastics "Zombies" then stopped and performed Thriller in front of the judges on the balcony, which was one of the many highlights of the day.  

After the parade we headed to the Carnival Field where there was lots going on.  I just wish there was an "Umbrella Ride" as there used to be when I was younger. 

There were musical acts on the stage (the planned act Union J could not make it but this didn't spoil the day) and also Samba  Doc Band.

The kids love the Disco Twists and went on a few time.

They love the fairground stalls (and prizes) too.

There was an escape artist act. 



The Fun House kept the kids amused for a while.

The Bouncy Castle.

There were also numerous stalls, unicorn rides and even a gorilla and dinosaur on the field.

After the field, it was back to Nanny's for a BBQ.

Our chief BBQers Ceri and Lexy.

Cerys looking thoughtful.

Danny struggles on long tiring days like Carnival Day.  He nearly didn't come as he was dreading feeling the fatigue later on.  I reminded him that apart from the two long walks he could rest while watching and in between rides and to try to "conserve his energy" more.  He stopped for rests on benches along the way and on the grass in the field and also had lots of rests at Nanny's on her hammock.  This meant he could keep up with us all day and was in good spirits. We let him have a lie in the next day too as it's often the "day after" that he really struggles with.

Although we had been blessed with sunshine in the morning and afternoon, later on the sky changed to grey and the rain came.  It was raining quite heavily, but luckily the BBQ kept cooking!

The food was delicious- Morrison's sell the best vegan sausages and burgers.  We ate and then played again.

If Toby's not outside playing with the kids then he's inside watching the kids through the window!

Rebecca had fun playing with the timer on the camera again!

When it was too cold and wet we went indoors for games before going home.

It was a lovely day.  Huge thanks to Milford Haven Round Table for organising a fantastic event as always.  They put so much effort in for the town.  Their next event is Milford Haven Beer Festival on July 22nd. 

Thanks to my family for the BBQ too! xxx

Does your town still have a Carnival?  

 Click here for more photos.

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