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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Life Lately- the last days of term

Hello and time for another life lately (here is our previous Life Lately post).  So, we've been getting through the last few weeks of term.  It's a busy time of year for everyone.  I used to find this period exhausting when I was teaching but now realise how hard it is on the kids and parents too.  Since our last catch up, we have been to Oakwood Theme Park for a fun day out.

Rebecca and I have continued with our John Muir Award.  Here Rebecca is rockpooling.

I made vegan pizza and  have started a series to compare vegan cheese (not very exciting to the non vegans out there I know!), the next post is coming soon.  

The junior school had sports day.  Caitlyn was really looking forward to it but sadly caught a sickness bug the night before.  Rebecca managed to take part though.  It was a great day with a brilliant atmosphere.  I wasn't keen on sports day as a child but find it very moving as an adult.  I always have tears in my eyes watching the kids often with different struggles all trying their best and looking so happy.  The school is very encouraging of good sportsmanship, the kids all shake hands, it's wonderful to see.  

As well as cycling proficiency, there have also  been a number of scooter events.  Here the girls are getting ready for "Bling My Scooter Day".

Izzy had her own "Bling" time a few days later.  They also all had an active travel day, Izzy learnt scooter skills and took part in a triathlon.

Then it was time for Izzy's Sports Day.  She was quite worried about taking part and confessed to me that she had come last in the practices and expected to come last on the day.  I reassured her that it didn't matter what she placed as long as she tried her best and most importantly enjoyed taking part.  I was pleasantly surprised when she did brilliantly and placed 1st and 2nd - she's such a tease!  Both sports days were extra emotional as it was the last in their respective schools, as they reopen as a new school in September and the current buildings will close in January.

Another emotional evening was spent at the school closing ceremony.  Mum came too as she was also a pupil here when she was younger.  Both schools hold so many happy memories for our family and friends.  We will miss them lots.

As part of the John Muir Award, Rebecca and I took a boat trip to Caldey Island.  I'm looking forward to a family visit here in the summer holidays now.

The older girls took part in a concert with the local town band at the Torch Theatre.  It was a very enjoyable evening.  I felt so proud of all the girls and the Brownies and Guides.  Little Rainbow Izzy was good watching too.  Poor Danny got very hot and felt off colour during the performance so had to leave early.  

It could be because it's summer time, but I'm loving fresh tomato pasta sauces at the moment.  In the winter I mainly use tinned chop tomatoes but for now fresh is where it's at!

I also love this fresh tomato, cucumber and onion salad dip that Dave makes for me on curry night.  

I've discovered that chapati is a great vegan swap for naan bread on a cheeky curry night.  When I was a student I always used to make chapati with daal as my lovely friend Amna taught me.  I'll have to get into that habit again!

This week, while my Zafira has been in for repairs, I've been driving a smaller Vauxhall Viva car.  It's not been ideal as we have four kids but we've managed (Dave has had to walk everywhere!).  The plus points have been parking (it's so much easier to find a space) and nipping in and out of spaces during the busy school run- it's very easy to handle (completely different to having to move my big old heavy Zafira out of the way when the bus is coming towards me on the single lane road!).  The kids loved it and wanted to keep it.  They still haven't forviven me for choosing a dark colour over blue last time.  I'm so happy to have my car back though-it feels great to sit up high again, I just miss the "new car" smell!

I love this gift idea from Izzy's class teachers.  "Have a cool summer" and a bunch of tip tops!

As always I was last minute sorting out the teacher's presents so our gifts weren't as thoughtful as I'd have liked.  We did manage to order personalised coasters a few weeks ago  from Koko Blossom and they were lovely but it was a "job lot" of chocolate for everyone else (sorry!).  The older girls also gave their class a signed copy of Elen's Island and Gaslight respectively, which was a lovely idea.

I've mentioned in other posts that Rebecca's trip to Switzerland and Danny's trip to PGL are on my mind and I can't plan too many activities until these are out of the way (not that I want to wish them over).  I'm determined to have a productive as well as fun holiday (must sort house, garden, uniform, school stuff, keep fit and so on...).  We'll see if I actually achieve it this year!

Schools out for Summer!  Enjoy all!

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