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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Life Lately- Getting To The End Of Summer Term

So my last "life lately" brought us up to May and I seem to have skipped June altogether.  In June half term we went on our wonderful family holiday to the South of France (the blog posts are coming soon, I promise).  Since then I've been playing catch up (and truthfully not winning).

Now the lighter nights are here the older kids have been "playing out" more.  I love them having this independence but miss them and worry about them so much.  If anyone knocks on the door while the kids are out playing, my heart races and I have flashbacks to when I had the knock on the door telling me Danny had been run over.  It's usually just a cold caller or a friend asking for them to play but every time I worry.  

There's been lots of cycling and scootering going on (we still need to sort our garden and our shed so we can buy new scooters and bikes). Luckily cousin Cerys has a new bike so we could have her old bike ready for Rebecca's cycling proficiency which she had this week.  She tells me that someone nearly knocked her over while she was "out on the road" and the instructor had to shout at the driver!  But overall, she enjoyed the course.  We don't know how she got on as she was off school today.  I haven't taken photos of her on the bike yet.

Izzy falling asleep in random places
All of the kids are tired and we seem to struggle more with this heat in the UK than we do when abroad.  At first I put it down to having to "run around" in the heat whereas on holiday you can relax, it's also harder without the air conditioning and plentiful fans abroad, but this weather really feels different at the moment (or is it just me?).  I think the high humidity and change of pressure is causing headaches.

The girls are busy with Brownies, Rainbows and Guides.  It's the season of trips and concerts so it's all go.  I'm feeling mum guilt that I've not managed to "pick up" all of the clubs that I cancelled two years ago.  The older girls started swimming lessons at 3 (well as babies actually) but Isabelle hasn't had any yet.  I think I'll have to start some new clubs in September, but equally I don't want to take on too many that it becomes a strain money and time wise.

School is also very busy.  Rebecca has taken part in "Enterprise" recently as well as Cycling proficiency.  

Izzy went to Folly Farm with Rainbows and with school.  Next week the kids have sponsored scooter rides and another active travel to school week (which they all do anyway).   There's also a "bling my scooter" activity!

 Rebecca and I are taking part in the John Muir Award with Springboard. We saw some lovely baby hedgehogs recently as our leader, Ginny runs Pembrokeshire Hogspital.  

Photo:  Pembrokeshire Music Service

Rebecca sang with choir at the School Proms. I had goosebumps as one of the songs was "Sing" and I remember singing the same song with choir on the same stage when I was in school.  I also remember putting on a "Gang Show" with Brownies here too.  They were led by Sarah Benbow who took our Springboard Choir (which I still miss so much) so it was nice to hear some of our more modern choir songs too.  I had to remind myself not to join in!

 Caitlyn made a castle cushion in Springboard which was brilliant fun.  I've had to miss out on my own dressmaking lessons recently due to poorly kids and clashes but we have had the sewing machines out at home (usually for boring repair work though).

The kids either haven't had much homework this term (apart from reading books) or they've hidden it well from me!  It's quite an emotional term as the kids school is closing down (although they won't be in their new school until January 2017).  I still miss my old Infant and Junior Schools (both were knocked down) so I'm sad this history will be lost for my children too.  Of course we're optimistic about the new school and will support it (after the tears).

Caitlyn made some scrabble art for Father's Day and for her bedroom with Springboard.  I'm going to buy some scrabble letters so we can do this with the other kids too- it was so easy and great fun.

We've walked Toby down Castle Pill Woods.

I went along to one of Dave's gigs- finally (it had been a while!).  This one was a Punks 4 Veterans event organised by Tamsin (Chasing Esme) to raise money for The VC Gallery so a fun night and all for a good cause.

We watched Milford Haven Town Band play in the Memorial Gardens.  Mum, Jo and Cerys went again this week but I couldn't make it.  It was a lovely relaxed evening.  The girls are performing with them at the local theatre soon.

Dave's been working really hard so we hadn't had many days out with him this year.  It was lovely to rectify that with a Father's Day Trip to Cwm Yr Eglwys.  It was one of those almost perfect days (apart from getting all the kids to the car to go home!).

We then went to Festival of Hope in Carew, another great day.

Last weekend we went to Blue Lagoon with Ceri and Lexy.  I've said it before but I prefer Blue Lagoon now the kids are older.  The older kids enjoyed the slides while me and Izzy mainly went around the lazy river.  I discovered that she is tall enough for the slides now so I'm sure she'll be going down them too on her next visit.  One day they will all be old enough and I can go and relax in the Jacuzzi!  I'm getting there...
Last week was Carnival Day and a family BBQ at Nanny's (thank you).  I can't believe that these annual events are coming around already.  

The girls had an inset day yesterday (I know a random one!) and now there are just two weeks left in Summer term - they'll  fly by.  I need to get thank you cards and presents ready!  No matter how long the term is we always seem to be hit by end of term fatigue once the holidays are in sight- we're so ready for a break now! 

 Rebecca is going to Switzerland in a few weeks, I haven't actually had time to think about it yet.  But it will become very real soon!  Danny will be going to PGL with Little Hearts Matter at the same time so we'll have a few days away with the two youngest.  Once school is over I can start packing everyone up for their different holidays (it's harder than going to the same place together, isn't it?).  Then we need to start planning our fun summer holiday activities!

I hope you're all enjoying the sun!  What have you been up to?


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