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Friday, 14 July 2017

5 Crafts to Do Outdoors This Summer with Kids

In the Summer, we like to make the most of the nice weather and spend more time in the garden.  As well as playing games and eating picnics, we also like to do craft activities outdoors when we can - the fresh air is good for us and the house stays tidier when messy crafts are confined to the garden or in bad weather, outdoor rooms.  Outdoor rooms such as garages and garden houses are a godsend for messy rainy-day activities and can be made cosy in an instant with the help of an electrical heater, a few blankets, and a portable radio. If you’re in the market for a new outdoor building, just in time for summer then check out Lidget Compton’s range of concrete garages – the perfect summer addition to any garden! 

Here are five crafts that you can do outdoors this summer with children:

1.  Painting

Paint the flowers, trees and bugs that you see in the garden or a painting of your favourite day out in the holidays.  The kids like to paint markers and pebbles to decorate our garden too.

2.  Playdough

I can relax when the kids use play dough in the garden as it means no dough to scrub from the carpet later.  Make models of the flowers and bugs in the garden.  Other "messy crafts" such as sand dough and clay are great in the garden too.  

3.  Make a Mini Beast Play Scene

While outside and inspired by the bugs and flowers make your own Mini Beast Play Scene.  All you need is a box, some card/foam or felt and lollipop sticks.  Read how we made our Minibeast play scene here.  Plastic bugs (and real bugs) can play too.

4.  Chalk Drawings

Every summer I buy a new pot of giant pavement chalks.  The kids love drawing on our patio.  Decking outside the garden room could be decorated and will be washed off on the next rainy day.

5.  Make Pom Pom Bunting

We love making pom poms.  We have pom pom makers but also make them out of cardboard (you can even make them with a fork).  Use up all your leftover wool and you will create lots of bright rainbow pom poms, thread them onto twine and you have fun, stylish bunting.  Hang this on trees, on the house or on your garden room to brighten up a garden all year long.

We currently store all our craft equipment in the house.  My dream home would have a Craft Garden Room, such as these Apex Garages from Lidget Compton so we could easily take our crafts outdoors on a sunny day but stay sheltered on a rainy day.

Where do you like to craft?  What crafts will you be making with the kids during the summer holidays?


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