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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Style: Five Ways to Wear a Brooch

Did anyone else used to love going through their grandmother's brooch collection as a child?  I did- it was such a treasure chest!  My Nanny had a drawer dedicated to scarves and jewellery that we loved to rifle through trying everything on.  She would pass on pieces to us too, which is why I once went to infants school with a (costume jewellery!) diamond necklace, brooch and tiara much to the amusement of the other children.  As I grew up I loved my earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, but started wearing them less often as I had my babies (they do love to pull on them, don't they?).  Now they're older I can start enjoying my jewellery collection again.  Brooches are ideal to collect- they're beautiful (take a look at the brooches from Boho), they don't take up much room, can't tangle and can complete an outfit.  How do you wear them, you ask?  Here are five ways to wear a brooch:

1.  On a Dress

A colourful brooch can brighten up a little black dress and add sparkle to any outfit.  Wear on the chest or where the dress gathers.  As I'm petite, height wise, I find crossover dresses can be too low cut for me so I often place a small brooch on the "V" to stop my dress being too revealing. 

2.  On a Scarf

Brooches work so well with scarves, whether the scarf is around your neck, waist or in your hair.  As well as looking great the pin actually helps to keep the scarf in place too and can add to the vintage look.

3.  In Your Hair

I love doubling my brooches up as hair pins.  In this summer weather, I like to keep cool by wearing my hair up more and a brooch can have a striking effect.  I like to add a flower brooch but a range of pearl brooches can add shimmer to an evening hair do (I'd only wear faux pearl, of course).  If you ever make your own crochet or felt hair pieces add a safety pin as well as a hair pin so you can easily use your homemade accessory both ways.

Ada Red Stone Brooch

4.  On Your Shoes

Brooches are great to dress up plain shoes.  Choose a pair of co-coordinating or matching brooches so you can pin one to each shoe.  It works best if the shoe has lace or a tie to pin to so you don't have to compromise on comfort.  Two of these cameo style brooches would look great on a pair of black shoes.

Elizabeth Cameo Brooch

5.  On a Bag

Brooches are also a fun way to accessorise a plain hand bag.  Choose one big decorative brooch or a couple of smaller brooches (remember collections of odd numbers always work best).  As well as keeping my brooches in my jewellery box I also keep some of my lesser worn ones out on display on cushions and bags etc so they still get to be seen while being "stored away".  

Spending money on a collection of brooches can make your existing wardrobe more versatile- your dresses, shoes and handbags will have another lease of life.  Perhaps one day my grandchildren will be asking to see my brooch collection...

How do you wear brooches?  Do you have a favourite brooch?

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