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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Happy Father's Day, Dad! We Love You!

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's and father figures) in our lives, past and present. For me it's a day to remember my own wonderful Dad who I miss every day, and for the kids to celebrate their lovely Dad.  This is for you Dave from your crazy kids:

Danny looks so happy to be a part of our family here!

I love you Daddy because:

I watch Doctor Who with you and cuddle into you when it's scary!
I get to watch lots of movies with you and you buy popcorn.
You take us to Folly Farm all the time.
You always buy lots of sweets and nice treats.
I love your cuddles and kisses and baking cakes with you.

Lots of love,

Isabelle, Izzy Wizzy, age 5

I love you Daddy because:

You put PacMan on your phone for me.
You look after me and come to hospital with me.
You buy cool toys.
You lift me up high so I can put the angel on top of the Christmas Tree.
You put me on your shoulders when I'm tired.

Lots of love,

Caitlyn, age 8

I love you Dad because:

You're really good at fixing things.
You're very strong.
You sing really funny songs and make us laugh.
You take us on exciting adventures.
You make me delicious vegan food and a lovely Christmas Tea every year.

Lots of love,

Rebecca, age 10

Dad, I love you because:

  • you're good at playing bass and will teach me when I learn again
  • you're good at fixing things and helping animals
  • You let me play on my Playstation
  • you cook delicious curries and chilli for me
  • you take us on fun adventures 
  • You lend me your rock t-shirts (and socks!)!
  • You listen to good music

Lots of love,

Danny, age 14

Thanks Dave for working so hard and doing so much for us all.  We love you lots and lots forever xxxxx

Thinking of everyone missing their Dad's on Father's Day xxx

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