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Friday, 23 June 2017

Cwm-Yr-Eglwys Beach, Pembrokeshire, Father's day 2017,

On Father's Day we visited a new (to us) beach in Pembrokeshire, Cwm-Yr-Eglwys (Valley of the Church).  The great thing about living here is that even though we go to new beaches all the time (and keep visiting our old favourites, of course) there is still a vast amount of Pembrokeshire Coastline that we have yet to explore.  We love this challenge!  Here's what we got up to and all the information you need to visit here too:

Visit Cym-Yr-Eglwys Beach

Cym-Yr-Eglwys Beach can be found in a quaint hamlet in Dinas Cross  between Fishguard and Cardigan (SA42 0SJ).  The last part of the journey (in typical Pembrokeshire style) is down a narrow one lane road, just keep an eye out for the passing points and you'll be fine.   


There is a small Cym-Yr-Eglwys Trust car park .  It costs just £2 for all day parking.  It was busy when we visited but we did manage to park (and if I can manage to then anyone can!).  I do wonder how busy it would be during School Holidays and on Bank Holidays though.  There is a "Trust the Motorist" honesty box scheme in place, just pop your £2 through the slot.  

The car park is adjacent to a caravan park.  This would make a great base for a holiday with great views and a short walk to the beach.

St Brynach's Church

On the short walk to the beach you pass the remaining wall of the pre- Norman Church.

The rest of St. Brynach's Church was destroyed in the great storm of October, 1859.

The Cwm Trader Model

There is also a scale model  and a commemorative plaque of a Cwm Trader - the type of coastal trading vessel that would have sailed these waters at the time of the storm.


Just before you reach the slipway, a left turn will bring you to the free public toilets.

There is also a small ice cream shop which was open when we visited.

Cwm Yr Eglwys Beach

A sign says no cars on the beach but do keep an eye out for them as they do use the slipway to launch their boats.

At first we decided to sit on the steps of the beach near the sandy area.


The sea was very calm, perfect for  swimming, kayaks and rowing boats.

At first the kids played in the water.  We decided not to bring our inflatable boat but in hindsight we should have and will definitely bring it next time.  The kids had fun swimming and playing with the tyre anyway.  They were soon heading over the rocks to explore though.

Secret Beach

We packed everything up and moved across the beach so we could easily keep an eye on the kids as they rock climbed.  I climbed to see what everyone was up to.  The kids had discovered the "secret" low tide beach- it was beautiful.  I couldn't believe how blue and clear the water was.


 Regular readers know that I'm not great with heights.  As I made my way back to the main beach to watch our belongings I got into a huge panic.  Dave was offering me his hands to walk me back across the rocks, but I wanted to keep holding onto the now crumbling rocks as I didn't want to make him fall.  I was having flash forwards of us both falling, it was horrible.  Anyway after a bit of shouting (sorry Dave!) and me nearly resigning myself to the fact that there was no safe way down and I'd have to stay on the rocks forever (this seemed logical during my meltdown!) he did manage to calmly talk me down.  Why I didn't just walk around the low parts of the rocks I don't know.  When Dave and the kids did eventually make their way back across the rocks they did it easily, without fear.  Dave said I lack the "mountain goat" gene that they all seem to have.  I think I'll stick to swimming around to the secret beach next time!

Picnic Time on The Steps

 The kids had worked up an appetite swimming and climbing so we stopped for a rest and to enjoy our picnic.

Beach Play

The kids enjoyed water play, more swimming and floating in the tyre.  They then went across to the rocks opposite to run and jump in the water- this looked like great fun!

A Mediterranean Feel

I remarked to Dave how it felt like we were back in the South of France.  Then, funnily enough a French family came and sat by us so hearing the language spoken fluently, we really could have been there.  Cwm-Yr-Eglwys is sheltered from winds and has it's own micro climate, being generally hotter and dryer than other parts of the Pembrokeshire Coast (I think my own area has a colder and wetter micro-climate- it's certainly windier than most places!). 


There are lots of rock pools to explore.  We saw crabs, blennies, jelly fish, anenomes and lobsters picked up by foraging divers and kayakers.


One Last Play

It had been one of those perfect days when the kids all got along and played nicely together.  Seeing the older kids swimming out into the deeper water and happily chatting and laughing with each other reminded me of the happiest of times from my own childhood.   But it was soon time to pack up and go- the part of the day we dreaded as we knew at least one kid would resist!

Time to Leave

I really wanted to take one photo of Dave with all of the kids as it was Father's Day, however I'd missed the opportunity and now all our time was taken up trying to get the kids off the beach.

One Last Explore of the Church

On the way back to the car we stopped at the Church ruins once more.

Sadly, I didn't manage to get everyone together for a photo before we left.  I got a few individual shots though.

 Stay at Cwm-Yr-Eglwys

There is a huge range of accommodation to book in Pembokeshire.  However, there is some accommodation available in Cwm-Yr-Eglwys itself:

Y Berllan Log Cabin

Cwm-Yr Eglwys Cottage

Studio Cottage

(I haven't found information on Cwm-Yr-Eglwys Caravan Park yet but I know they are privately let).

Cym-Yr-Eglwys is definitely one of our new favourite places in Pembrokeshire.  It's a beautiful beach with stunning views and a friendly atmosphere.  This beach is popular with boat owners and is great for dogs too.  We will definitely be back soon.

Have you visited Cwm-Yr-Eglwys?  


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