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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Swimming in the Rain - Broad Haven Beach

At the beginning of the week when the kids went back to school the weather was glorious.  We were busy most nights during the evening so decided we'd enjoy chips on the beach down Broad Haven as an end of the week treat on Friday.  Of course, due to the law of Murphy the weather changed and Friday turned out to be a cold rainy day.  That didn't stop the kids enjoying an evening swim in the sea...

When it first started raining, we did consider not going, but during the school run the weather cleared up somewhat and gave us fresh hope.  So it was decided, we were going to the beach.

After 5pm it is free to park at Broad Haven Beach (SA62 3JG), we parked in the large car park but as it was a quiet evening there was also plenty of room in the smaller car park closer to the Fish and Chip Shop.  For us the  walk across the beach and back is part of the day.  Both car parks have toilets nearby.

Regular readers know that we come to this beach all year around and in every weather.  The Broad Haven rocks look particularly magnificent against a grey stormy sky.  It's a stunning beach in the sunshine too.

Can you spot the sensible swimmers in their wet swimming gear?

The cave that the kids used to play in has now been gated closed for safety reasons, I'll miss being able to get a shot of the sea through the cave but I won't miss the smell of wee!

The Lion's Rock.

Here you can see the swimmers approach Lion's Rock.

I had only planned for a walk and then hot chips on the beach but the kids had other ideas.  

Danny stripped off immediately and ran into the sea.  He does worry me as he has to look after his body more as he has a heart condition but his spirit is strong and happiness wins over his health.  He did come in as soon as he felt a chill and wrapped up warm again and his body has coped well.

Caitlyn followed him in and stayed in the water the whole time.

I love reflections on the wet sand.

The rest of us managed to get wet with no need to go deep into the sea.

We then went to get our tea.  Our regular choice is The Beach Cafe, they always give great service and delicious food.

We planned to eat on the beach but on return our spot had been covered by the tide and as we had felt the warmth of the cafe, now the kids (all except one) were keen to get back to the car to eat- so much for fish and chips on the beach in the sun, eh?  We did joke about this and Izzy said this was the "Hashtag. Worst. Day. Ever!"  We all laughed about this, proving that although things hadn't gone to plan, it really wasn't the worst. day. ever, in fact,  it was lots of fun.

Caitlyn really wanted to stay in the sea.  Eventually her hunger meant she followed the smell of the hot food- albeit still bare foot and in her bathers.  We did look a sight to the passing cars and wrapped up dog walkers!  I expect they mistook us for grockles (tourists!). 

Pretty turret Shells.

On the way back to the car Caitlyn even had a "shower" in the rainwater from the roof- this girl really does love water! 

We sat and ate our chips in the warmth of the car and then drove home.  We often pass fox, rabbits and pheasants when my camera isn't to hand so Caitlyn decided to keep hold of the camera just in case.  Murphy instigated his law again so for once we didn't see anything apart from a few birds and butterflies but Caitlyn did take this photo of the pretty road for me- thanks Caitlyn!

Days out often don't turn out how you plan them but with the right attitude you can always have a fun day!  

Have a lovely weekend!


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